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Black Eyed Devil

June 2005

This story is not a personal experience of mine but it is one from one of my closest friends. She claims it actually happened and I believe her because of a string of my own weird meetings with things of the unknown. But my experiences are for other stories. This one is about hers.

At the time this happened she was thirteen years of age and residing with her grandparents across the street from myself. She had seen strange things before, but never had anything frightened her as much as this.

She had been trying to sleep in her room when the air suddenly became cold and still. She sensed something was watching her from the darkness of a corner in the room. She rolled onto her back and suddenly felt a pressure on her chest, as if someone was pushing it down with their hands. She became frightened and turned on the light by her bed. Everything went back to normal instantly. Blaming it on her imagination, she went back to sleep.

A couple of days later, the same thing happened. Except this time she couldn't move. She was paralyzed by something unknown. The pressure on her chest inscreased and she looked at the far corner of her room. She saw a tall black figure standing there, with horns on it's head and a long spiky tail. It's eyes were even more black in color than its body. It grinned at her, displaying a row of white sharp teeth.

Terrorized, she screamed as loud as she could and the figure vanished, as did the pressure on her chest and her inability to move. Completely freaked out, she turned on all the lights in her room, as well as the TV and the radio. She didn't sleep the rest of the night. Ever since then, she claims to see black things in the corner of her eye. She thinks that she has looked into the eyes of the Devil himself. Her family doesn't believe her, they say it is the work of too many horror movies and an overactive imagination.

Only my mother, certain members of my family and friends, and myself believe her story because of our own experiences. I hope to never see anything as horrifying as she did that night for myself. My friend is fourteen now, and currently stays in the same house, sleeping in the same room that she claims to have seen the creature. I can only say that if that had been me that I would have made a beeline for a house in a different state. But she is herself so if that's what she wants than so be it.

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