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Black Figure Down the Hall

October 2006

My friend and I (which I will call Amanda) were at her house having a sleepover. We were drawing and talking about boys (which most girls do at sleepovers). We were lying in bed and it was around 9:00 -10:00pm when Amanda and I were getting creeped out because the door was wide open, so I got up to close it.
Right when I put my hand on the doorknob I got the urge to look down the hallway and I saw a big black figure standing in her parents doorway. He was about 6ft tall and was wearing a hat. I stood there for a while staring at the black figure and Amanda said, "whats wrong?". I didn't reply. Then I finally slammed the door and jumped into bed and pulled the covers over me. Amanda repeated "what's wrong, what happened!" in a frightened way. It took me a couple of seconds to reply but, I finally said "I saw a big black figure standing in your parents doorway". She paused and then slowly said, "what did it look like?". I said "well, it was about 6ft tall, was wearing a big hat, and I couldn't see it's face at all. It was all black including the rest of it's body". She paused again, then looked at me and said "I saw that a couple nights ago". I looked at her in shock and in fright. Then we decided to try and think of other things so we would be able to fall asleep later. It worked and we fell asleep.

When we woke up the next morning we immediately started talking about it and wondering what it was. We already knew it was a ghost. But why was it here and standing in her parents doorway? We drew sketches of it to help us think exactly what it was (we don't have these sketches anymore they are laying somewhere around the house). Then I turned over to her and said didn't your grandfather die just a week ago? Amanda replied yes.
We still aren't sure what it really was and aren't sure if it was her grandfather. Still to this day whenever we have a sleepover we always close the door before bed and when we close the door or go to the bathroom we never look down the hallway.

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