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Black Ghost(s)?

Azza, Victoria, Australia
March 1999

My friend Rhys and I were 11 when we made up "The Ghost Club" just for fun because we had nothing to do. At the time, people laughed at us because they didn't believe in ghosts. Well at the time, we didn't really either.

One day, we were down at a creek that runs past our houses. Rhys said he saw a pair of shadowy legs run behind a bush. I told him he was just seeing things, and after a while we forgot about it. About a year later, We were digging an underground tunnel, when an old man walked past and told us to be careful because 5 years ago a bunch of kids were digging a tunnel, when it collapsed and killed one of the kids. I didn't believe him so I asked my dad about it and he said it was true.

A few weeks later we were digging the tunnel again, and suddenly Rhys screamed "look!" I spun around just in time to see a pair of shadowy legs disappear into the water. The next day my class was talking about how dangerous the creek could be. I, being the loudmouth that I am, told the class about the boy who had the tunnel collapse on him. My teacher said she had the boy in his class a while back, and nearly started crying. She told us of another boy who had died by swinging on a rope tied to the branch of a tree. He fell and his feet got caught in the mud with his head under the water. His friend had jumped in to save him, but by the the time he pulled the other boys feet from the mud, he had suffocated. What's freaky about that is that she told us just after we had tied a rope to a tree so we could swing across the creek.

A few weeks later, we started getting into the ghost club again, so we decided to visit Cobbin Farm, an old farmhouse that had been there before our suburb of Belmont had grown.

The government had security alarms installed so no one could break into the house except for when the market was on. We saw the shadowy figure running around inside. We turned to make a run for it and we saw a nun staring at us from the top of the hill. I recorded this in my "club" book, which my dad found. He thought it was "cute." BLACH! Any way, we went to the library and found a heap of books that had the towns history. Around our particular creek, 5 children had died from various things, such as dog attacks and drowning. After finding this out, we have seen a lot more of the black figures running around by the creek, and we have come to the conclusion that they are the ghosts of the children.

My friend has moved away now, and the only time he ever sees them, is when he visits me. But I still live here and I see them all the time. And sometimes when I see them I swear I sometimes hear a childs laughter.

As much as it may seem, this story is NOT made up.

Azza, Victoria, Australia
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