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Black Hair, White Gown

Deb, FL, USA
March 2002

In 1993, I was 23 and I still lived in NY where I grew up, on Long Island. I was attending a community college in another county so I could stay with some close friends-rent free! They were married with young children and I was part of their family. They let me stay in their furnished basement that had everything but a kitchen. They were in the process of building two bedrooms down there and said when it's finished, I can stay in one of them. In the mean time, I would sleep on the couch.

One night, I fell asleep on the love seat, it faced the basement stairs, my feet facing the steps which were about five feet away. At the top of the stairs was the basement door, which was kept shut all the time. The stairs and it walls and "banister" were of beautiful, intricately designed wood. Made of heavy oak or some other heavy type wood.You couldn't miss the fact that it was designed like that. Especially because I was majoring in art at the time. So, I'm sleeping on the love seat, when I start "floating" to the top of the stairwell. It was so real, if it were a dream, I was in the exact spot that I was in real life, etc. I saw all the designed wood as I floated up, my belly facing down and my hands out in front of me, arms extended. All of a sudden, I came back down, I was on the loveseat exactly as I was, still sleeping? And a very pale, yet healthy looking, woman with thick long black burly hair, wearing a white gown, was over the back of the loveseat, with her lips on my mouth, sucking the air out of me! It was a two-second thing, and I was like Whoa! and I woke up, again, in the same exact spot. It was all so real! I was so scared that I hid under the blanket and fell asleep again.

Not even a month later, the bedrooms were completed. I moved into the left one, and one night, again, I had a dream.

I was in the same, exact spot that I was in, in real life. I was sleeping in a single bed, almost directly under a basement window. In front of the bed, to the right, was another window. In the dream, not in real life, in the window on the right, there was a box radio blasting out Megadeath (remember them?). In the dream, I saw myself laying in bed, then I woke up (in the dream), and saw things from being in the bed, I looked out the window above the bed, and lo and behold...there she was again! Same lady, same look. She said with a graduating mean snarly snapping voice: "You know what I'll give you?! I'll give you MURDER!"

Bam! I woke up! Looked at the clock, 3:00 am sharp on the digital clock. When I hear Boom, boom, boom, running right above the ceiling! Holy moly! I was whimpering freak! I hid under the covers and fell asleep. The next morning, I was talking to my friend's husband and without me telling him my story, he told me he woke up at 3am sharp and started running around the house frantically, thinking it was Monday morning and he had to get ready for work! He thought he over slept, when he realized what was going on, he went back to bed. That explains the running noise I heard. The weird thing about it though? I woke up less than a minute BEFORE the running noises started.

I've had many strange things happen to me, this is one of the most unexplainable!

Deb, FL, USA
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