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Black Masses

January 2001

Ihave a couple of stories to tell...they're about black masses that look like people. I don't know if you ever heard of one or seen one but let me tell you that that's the freakiest and most terrifying thing ever. Anyway, let's see, let's start off when I was a kid....

My family and I lived in Canada at the time. The house we lived in was 4 stories high and very big. So, on with the story, I was about 9, my brother was 8 and my sister was about 6. We were jumping on my mom's bed and preparing to go to bed. I had the urge to go to the bathroom and drink some water because I had gotten thirsty. As I was walking out of the bedroom, I saw a black shadow of a female walk across the wall. It had curly hair cut short, it made her head look round and she was wearing some kind of trench coat. That's what it looked like with her head on top. She didn't bob up and down when she walked, she kinda just glided. It finally disappeared when the end of the wall came up and it went around the corner and down the stairs. But remember, this whole thing was in the wall, I was standing outside in the hall looking at the wall and no one else but me was out there!! I got so scared I ran and told my mom and she just brushed it off saying that it was just my imagination.

Another time, I was 17. My family and I moved here to VA and we lived in a townhouse. Well, we were all getting ready to go out when all of a sudden I see my "brother" duck and run down the stairs. When we were younger I used to chase my brother down the stairs to scare him and all. So, of course, I went right after him. The lights downstairs were off and it was pitch black. All I could see was my brothers silhouette and my feet thumping as I was going down the stairs. The faster I went, the faster he went. I noticed this was odd because I always caught up to my brother and grabbed him from behind, but this thing was just one step ahead of me the whole time. So finally, we reached the bottom and he disappeared into the black. I waited for him to open a door and run in but for some odd reason, I didn't hear anything at all. I though I saw him run into the laundry room so I ran in there expecting him to jump out and try to scare me. I put my hand through the doorway to hit him if he was around and all I hit was air. I turned on the light switch and looked inside. To my surprise, all I saw was dirty laundry, some of my dad's work supplies and no brother!! I got so freaked out that I ran up the stairs not looking behind to see if "my brother" was coming after me. I reached the top landing and my real brother came inside from the front door!! I asked him if he went downstairs and he said no. He was outside the whole time. I told him what happened and he got really freaked.

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