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Blackberry Hunt Guardian Angel

August 2001

My story was passed on to me through my mom from my grandmother. It happened back in the 40's....the whole family had left the house and locked up to go blackberry picking.

The baby at that time was Billy, who was around 4. They were picking berries and chatting having a good time when grandma said....wheres Billy? They all searched the area with no sign, so grandma sent my mom and her sister to the house in case (at 4 in case I wondered why?) but when they got to the house which was a good 30 minutes walk....Billy was in the house on a bed. They saw him through a window, sitting there. Remember the house was locked and my grandma had the key with her. So when everyone got back to the house after the word got back to grandma that Billy was there she opened the door and went in, as did everyone. Grandma asked him......honey how did you get in here?......Billy said.....A old woman got me in the woods....and brought me here. She floated through the window with me and put me on the bed. She told me to be good and stay on the bed till Momma got home. Then she floated back through the window and went to the sky.

Everyone in the room was shocked and didn't know what to say. To this day my uncle Billy remembers it all and swears its true. Makes you wonder....does the Lord charge angels to protect us and guide us in everyday life to preserve us for the use that He has for us in His will? All I can say is my uncle believes this, and has said as much.

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