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Blood on the Nightgown

October 1998

Ihave always believed in ghosts, afterlife, spirits,etc. and because of my belief I think they like to contact me - the same with my mother. I swear to you the following story is 100% completely true.

I grew up in northwest Indiana, my parents were divorced and afterward my mother had a whirlwind romance that resulted in a brief marriage. When I was about 14 years old we had heard on the news that there had been a terrible construction accident in which an overpass that was being built had collapsed and about a dozen or more men were killed. My mother who has always been a bit psychic looked at me and said she knew that her 2nd husband (they were long since divorced) was in that accident and he was dead. I said "how do you know" and she response was "I just know". The news did not give out the list of names until late that evening when all the families had been notified. We saw his name at the end of the list since his last name began with a W and they were listed alphabetically. I could not believe it. She had been right. Here is where the story gets creepy. That evening my mother did not want to sleep in her room so she fell asleep on the sofa. In the morning she came into my room and told me to look at her nightgown which only on the stomach area was covered in blood. It was definitely blood. Of course I tried to make up any excuse in the book, she scratched herself in her sleep, her period, whatever I could think of. There was no signs of any scratches and she hasn't had a period since the age of 24. She and I both to this very day believe that her 2nd husband came to her in her sleep and as he used to do when they were married, laid his head on her lap.

The next day my mom contacted his family to find out the details of the funeral because she felt a need to go. That was when we discovered he had died from massive head trauma and suffered no other injuries. We also discovered shortly thereafter that even though they had been divorced for many years, hadn't been married for more than a year and had no contact at all he left my mother as beneficiary on his insurance policies. There has never been another incident of waking up with blood since.

As I write this story and try to recall all the details I feel like crying. I have a tremendous feeling of sadness. I don't think about this very often, it seems too emotional. I can tell you that at 14 it was a very frightening experience and now at 31 when I look back on it it is still very frightening to think about. I know this man would never had done anything to hurt or frighten my mother or myself, I think it was just his way of letting us know that he was okay and he wanted to say goodbye.

I cannot remember the last time I spoke with my mom about this but I am going to visit her next month and I think I may just bring it up.

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