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Bloody Visitor

Missouri, USA
March 1998

Once, when I was twelve, we (my parents, brother and me) lived in a house in Missouri that I am totally sure was haunted. The first time I saw the ghost was when I was sitting in my room, playing on the computer with my back to the door, the door leading to the kitchen. I was not paying any attention to anything but this chat room I was in, since I was by myself. I heard a noise behind me and I turned around. I almost wet my pants I was so scared. Behind me was a woman standing in the kitchen. But I could see through her! Also, she was covered in blood. She stood there almost a minute, just staring at me. She had coal black eyes that seemed to pierce through me. Then she vanished. But a few minutes later she reappeared. This time she was holding a baby. The baby was bloody too, but I don't know if it was it's own blood, or the mother's blood ( I am not sure if it was the mother, but I'm pretty sure it is). Anyway, this time she was trying to tell me something, I think, but all it sounded like was rasps and moans. Then she sunk into the floor, not vanishing, but sinking into the floor! It scared me so bad that I considered going outside, but since it was dark and we had no neighbors within a mile, I decided to stay in my room and lock the door. It didn't appear for almost a month after that night, though. When my parents got home, I told them about the ghost and they just gave each other this look and put their hands over their mouths. They told me not to scare my brother. They said they had to go see the former owner of the house. They even wanted me to stay alone again!!! They let me go though, since my brother was spending the night with one of his friends. The former owner of the house killed his nine year old son and he confessed to the crime and got a life sentence in prison for his crime. So we were going to the prison to tell him about what I had seen.

We talked to him and he said he had murdered his girlfriend and her baby and buried them below the floor in the kitchen. We went home and my dad called the police. They sent some cops out and they dug up the kitchen floor and found two skeletons: one female adult and a male baby. They buried them in a graveyard somewhere. I don't really know if the ghost went away, because we moved the next day. But I did find a note in one of the packing boxes when we moved in our new house. It had very swirly hand writing and it read: Thank you. That was all it said. I never heard anything again from that house except that the police sentenced the man to death instead of life. That was five years ago, but I still remember it like yesterday.

Missouri, USA
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