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Blue Lady

Anna Gamez, Everett. WA, USA
January 1997

This story takes place when I was about 10 years old. I lived with my Aunt and Uncle and my three cousins at the time of this experience, in which us girls still talk about to this day.

We lived in a quiet neighborhood on the edge of Renton,WA, USA. In the middle of the circular arranged housing, there was the "woods". All of the kids would go into the woods to hang out, build forts and tree houses. It was our escape from the home life. Karen was one of my cousins and my best buddy. We were inseperable. Every day from school Karen would grab me and say "c'mon lets go to the woods". One day, we started walking down the trail going deeper into the woods, when Karen suddenly stopped and grabbed my arm. "Did you hear that?". " Hear what?" I said. "It sounded like a woman calling us". "Well maybe its your mom?". "No shes not even home yet and that didn't sound like her. "Your freaking me out Karen, stop it!". "I'm serious, you didn't hear that?". "No, Lets just forget about it ok!"

We continued down the trail. Karen still had a hold of my arm in a death grip. I knew in my mind that she was frightened by something, but what exactly? We approached our favorite tree in the woods. This was our special place, because whenever Karen and I needed to talk or just have our space, we would end up here at the old maple tree. Someone had built a rope swing there. So we started playing and swinging away. When it was Karen's turn, suddenly right in mid air, she screamed and let go of the rope. I came running over. "What's wrong?". " Look!" she points down to the bushes. My heart was pounding and I was suddenly weak in the knees. There was a woman standing in the distance with a long blue dress and her skin was glowing white. The woman pointed her finger at us. Both Karen and I grabbed each other in horror. We were so frightened that we couldn't move. The woman started to move towards us with her hand reaching out. Karen screamed and at that moment we both got our strength back and started to run like hell without looking back.

For months afterwards Karen and I talked about the "Blue Lady" and we never went to the old tree to swing alone!

Anna Gamez, Everett. WA, USA
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