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Blue Light That Follows Me

January 2001

Hi. A lot of people probably won't believe my story but you should because it's true.

It all started about 7 months ago when I had my friend sleep over, she will remain unnamed.
We don't usually stay in the basement but we did this time because my mom had work the next day and had to get up early.

Anyway we were in the basement and we were about to go to sleep. My friend saw this blue light in this one spot and asked me what it was and I looked over there and said "what are you talking about?". Then a little later the blue light came back on. It was in two spots at the top of the stairs and where our fooseball table is. But if it was in these two spots it would have to flow throughout the whole basement, and it didn't. It was like there was a force field around the light. So we ran upstairs and turned on the lights.

Sometimes when I go to bed I see the blue light. I sometimes think it's my old dog coffee checking up on me. She died like a year ago and she would always sleep with me. So I think her spirit is following me around trying to protect me. But it could be someones spirit trying to scare me or something, but I think it's my dog, or my other old dog Chester, or my old cat Mitty. All of their lives were shortened.Coffe was sick, Mitty was sick her whole life and got kidney failure, and Chester bit too much and my parents were afraid he would bite someone and they would sue us so he got put to sleep.

I miss them a lot so I think it's God's way of letting them communicate with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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