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Blue Line at the Wedding

November 2022
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

In the late 1990s, I attended my niece's wedding in another town. It was held in an old church. After the ceremony, I took pictures with a film camera of various family members outside of the church. Between the ceremony and the reception, I took the film to be developed at a one-hour photo place.

Once the photos were printed, I left the photo place without looking at them. Shortly before the reception, I did look at them and found that some of the photos had a blue line across from one side to the other. It was kind of weird, but there wasn't time to go back to the photo place and ask about it.

A few days later, while visiting at my mom's, my brother brought the video of the wedding to watch. In the video, just as my brother was walking his daughter down the aisle, a blue line appeared on the screen from one side to the other. It stayed there through part of the ceremony until a prayer was said for those family members who had passed away.

This was quite unnerving until I thought that maybe it was my dad, and it was his way of being there. I hope that's the case, anyway.

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