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Blue Mist Road

December 2000

Blue Mist Road is somewhere near the North Hills of Pittsburgh, the road's names isn't Blue Mist. But people call it that. As soon as it gets dark a blue mist covers the street. There's a cemetery on that street. This is where my story takes place.

This cemetery is old. When I say old, I mean very old. All of the grave-stones are very thin and you can't read the writing on them.

A friend and I went there to see two grave- stones. they are set apart by a few inches and it's said on the day it's a full moon, the headstones touch. So we drove up there two weeks before the full moon to look at the grave-stones and sure enough they weren't touching. The cemetery was creepy. On a tree branch, someone had hung a noose around it.

On the day of the full moon we went back, this may be hard to belive but they were touching. That creeped us out even more and we ran back to our car and left.

Pretty soon, I'll be going back there and when I do I will bring a camera so I can take pictures of the grave-stone touching and not touching, and I will send them in so they can go up on this site!

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