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Blue Orb

Heather, South Florida, USA
November 2003

One night (it was fairly early by the time we got there 10:30 or so) my boyfriend and I decided to go to this secret beach to just relax and spend some nice quality time together. I believe it might have been a few months ago, August or July, I'm not quite sure the exact date.

Let me explain the beach.. you had to walk down this pathway that was next to a hotel, It was sort of narrow because there was a wall on the other side. So you walked and turned left and then down onto the little wooden bridge where there is water underneath. It's quite beautiful and romantic. (I swear I had dreams about this exact place).

There are two bridges that look exactly the same but only one is accessible. Once you get onto the beach part its HUGE vast and empty. (Of course there are big houses but they are way up on the beach, blocked by huge bushes and trees) there's a light house a little ways off, near some rocks and its the place where boats go in and out of the marina. I'm only assuming there is a marina down there, not that I can see it, because the boats are traveling down that way. It's dark down there though and all the marinas I know of are a few miles away from entry to the ocean.

So we walked and walked far way off to the rocks sitting on the end of the last rock watching the boats come in and the lighthouse. It was very very nice. Until we saw a coast guard guy and he shown his light near us so we decided to get off the rocks and leave. Bummer.

But the coast guard guy just drove down towards the "marina". I guess all he wanted to do was to see where the rocks were as the light house wasn't showing the rocks at that moment. It's sort of empty and dark where the boats enter the marina.

We carefully walked off the rocks and found a nice spot to lay the blanket and relax together and to talk. It was near these pipes, that were perpendicular to the rocks if it matters. And the sand was lower where we were at. So we're laying there then all of a sudden I look up and I say in a whisper "Tony what's that???" and he looks and he goes "I don't know" he sounded really scared which in turn made me even more freaked out.

What we saw was what seemed like a blue orb-type thing and every time the light would shine on it for a split second it would show reddish spiral turning downward type thing. Sorry, its the only way to explain it. The blue would still be there.

So were laying there peering up over the pipe and the blue thing moves. It first looks like its directly over the water, then more coming over towards us, sometimes bobbing up and down, and Tony starts suggesting we leave. All the while in my head I'm desperately trying to think of a logical reasoning for this, perhaps its a weather balloon thing, perhaps its some boat thing, marina thing, lighthouse thing, SOMETHING on a line in the air??? I have NO clue. But what is strange is that I know for a FACT it was not there when we first arrived on the beach near the rocks or even after we got off the rocks to lay down. I know this, because I love the night sky near the beach, there's hardly any lights at all so all the stars stand out. I looked all over the place, did not notice a blue orb.

Tony and I are frozen there just looking at this thing moving around. The thought that it might even be a UFO crossed my mind a few times. I think I asked him a few more times "what is it what is it?" and a few times he would reply "lets leave, we need to leave" something to that extent. Still we were frozen. It seemed to be bobbing moving towards us, the it lowered towards the ground would bob back up. When we were for sure it was coming closer, Tony got up and was ready to leave. I guess he did not want that thing coming near us anymore. So I stood up behind him and the blue thing was still there, almost like it was staring at us. I forget if I still was afraid or not, I think at this time I was in a sort of weird awe shock. And I looked over at the houses because I wanted to run but the bushes and trees were in the way. Of course that thought was dismissed. So we picked up the blanket and our things, we started to walk back, and Tony, I don't think he was turning his head at all, he was hurrying up to get the heck out of there. He was holding my hand kind of pulling me along. I'd walk a few steps turn my head and the thing was still there and I swear to god it looked like it was following us and looked like it was getting closer again and I told him so and he was almost running.

I kept looking back and Tony would keep pulling me along then the last time I looked back, the thing appeared way up in the sky, farther away, I think the same spot it was at when we first noticed it, then it moved to the left then right and disappeared we haven't gone back to that beach since. It freaked us out.

I'm sure there are more scary things to happen to people, but something like that has never happened to me or Tony that I know of, to this day we don't really want to go back to that beach. weird.. in time I might go back .. I am very interested and scared at the same time.

Heather, South Florida, USA
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