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Blue People

Dakshar, Japan
May 2005

This story is not my own personal experience. It happened to my father when I was young, but knowing my father as the man he is, I can assure this is 100% true.

To give a little background on my family and I. I'm half American and half Chinese and I currently live in Japan. I was born in Taiwan and have spent my childhood moving from place to place around the world due to my father's job as an Anthropologist.

The first story takes place when we were living in Taiwan (again). I was about 8 years old and my father was conducting research on Chinese Shamans and how they claimed to translate the will of the gods. In spite of his academic field, my father is a very stern and down to earth man, always dismissing strange events as an over- active mind and, "too much TV".

Anyway, with that in mind, one night my parents had some friends over and as my bed time approached I reluctantly wished everyone goodnight and retired to my room. However, being the nosey brat I was, I turned on my desk lamp and sat with my ear to the wall to try to hear as much of their "adult talk" as possible.

Actually I could hear pretty well and I heard them debating about politics and all that boring stuff when suddenly everything went silent, as if they had all stopped and were listening to something. I heard whispering but I couldn't make out the words, only I remember very clearly sensing something very wrong with the atmosphere, like a veil of something evil.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of straining my ears, dying to hear what was going on but also scared that I might hear something I didn't want to, I at last heard my father speak up, in a very low tone, like when he's very serious or upset and tell this bone chilling tale.

One day my father got off early from work while I was still at school and came home to find my mom taking a nap in the their bedroom. As he occupied himself with his books he heard the first floor door bell ring several times and picked up the video interphone (we lived on the 8th floor of a 16 story apartment building at the time, one of those that in order to enter the lobby without the key, you have to ask someone to press a button from the inside to release the front door) as the blurred image slowly appeared on the phone screen, my dad could make out two human figures. I remember him saying he had a weird feeling about these people, especially because the shorter figure's head appeared to be constantly turning from side to side, although the image was blurred on the black and white screen. Anyway, whoever they were they had rung our door bell from outside on the first floor so my father asked them who they were many times but didn't get any reply. Finally he guessed that the phone was just not working, as many people around us complained that the intercom and video did little good other than look fancy and high tech, and pressed the button to release the lock on the first floor main door. Immediately the image on the video phone blurred and faded away and my father felt an immense heaviness and humidity fall upon him, the air turned sickly and a foul odor seemed to hang in the air. Then to his great dread, a soft tapping noise was heard directly outside our door, nearly making him jump. Being the practical man he is, he told himself it was nothing and opened the door to check, just in case.... only to find two humanoid figures with rotten looking bluish skin and sunken in cheekbones standing twitching at our door. It scared him out of his mind and he slammed and locked the door and awakened my mother. I remember him saying that it was like they were half rotten dead bodies somehow awakened and had come out from the earth for some reason no one knows.

The strange thing is it didn't take them 40 seconds to get to our door, and the elevator, if I recall correctly was always sooo slow in arriving. After the incident he fell ill for 2 weeks or so (I vaguely remember this) and refused to come out of his study most of the time.
I was further creeped out that night as I thought about how the abrupt silence could have been caused from some unexpected thing tapping at the door.

My father probably never intended me to know about this and probably still thinks I don't know, but all I can do is hope it never happens to me.

Any comments questions are welcome! Just drop me a line.

Dakshar, Japan
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