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Blurred Message

July 2002

Ever since I moved into my house, strange things have been happening.

The house was about 100 years old when we moved in, and I had a strange feeling something didn't want me here. The first night as I was getting ready to go out, I decided to take a shower. The bathroom was all steamy and the mirror had a blurred message on it. It read: "Help me." I thought it was my younger brother just trying to scare me. Then I noticed the door had been locked the whole time. How can my brother be there if the door was locked?

That night when I got home, I heard someone downstairs in the basement. I thought it was my dad putting some stuff away. So, I went down in the basement to tell him that I just got home. Something was different, he wasn't there. I was all alone...or so I thought. I heard the noise again, this time it was coming from some old cupboard. Then I said "is anyone there?" I got no answer but I started to feel an icy chill. I was really freaked out by then, so I thought to myself..."I'm really tired. It is probably just a dream." Then I woke up. I was so glad it was just a dream. I went to the washroom to wash my face and brush my teeth then the mirror got foggy. A blurred message appeared. It read: "I thought you were going to help me."

I know that this story sounds really fake, I'm not telling you to belive me. But I do hope that you will, for this is nothing but the truth. That incident happened to me when I was 12 years old. I am now 19, and living in a different house. The house didn't stay lived in for too long, and is no longer standing. A farmer bought the property, and tore it down.

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