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Boarding School

Rhiannon C. Conley, Indiana, USA
August 2006

Many people have told me that I am an 'old soul' and an 'indigo child'. For a while I scoffed at them, but I have to admit that I do indeed have some very disturbing gifts.

My mom and I were staying at a hotel called the Princeton Marriott, and we both were antsy about it for some reason. When we first got to the hotel, I was terrified. I had to practically be dragged inside the hotel, and the whole time I was shaking with fear and saying 'Mom, can't we stay someplace else?' She kind of rolled her eyes and dismissed it as a normal reaction to my first time far from home. The minute we got to our hotel room, my eyes started watering, and I felt the strange pulling feeling just behind my nose that indicates an evil presence. Mom thought it was my allergies, so she gave me my antihistamine and told me to 'just go to sleep and snuggle with my stuffed otter'.
That night I woke up shaking and convulsing, terrified out of my wits and unable to scream. I felt something....sick. I don't know how else to describe it. There was a very evil, very wrong presence in that room. When it finally went away, I screamed my lungs out and mom came running over. At this time I was still shaking but at least the convulsions had stopped.
Mom stayed in the same bed with me for the rest of the night, and I think she knew in her heart that something was very wrong, even if she dismissed it as a nightmare.
All through the next day, we were out of the hotel, having fun. I felt perfectly fine outside of the hotel, I didn't even have any problems with my allergies that day. Then we went back to the hotel. This time mom really did have to carry me, kicking and screaming, back to the room. That night I woke up and started shaking and convulsing again. This time though, I can scream. "Mommy, please help me! Make the bad lady go away! Make her stop hurting me, mommy!" She came running over, and commanded all evil spirits to leave in the name of the Goddess. The evil feeling left, and I stopped convulsing. Mom flipped on the lights, and started shoving our stuff back in the suitcases. I was still babbling at her to help the other kids and make the 'bad lady' stop hurting us. I swear I felt so many presences flow into and out of my body, begging mom to help them. They weren't evil, just terrified and in pain. But there was that one terrifyingly evil presence.
Finally the whole thing stopped, and while I was still crying and shaking I didn't feel like anything but me was in my body. Mom says that she thinks that building used to be a boarding school, and the person in charge was sick in the head and did horrible things to the kids there. Needless to say, we left the hotel that night and found another place to stay for the remainder of the trip.

Rhiannon C. Conley, Indiana, USA
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