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Boarding School Ghost

April, Alaska, USA
April 2004

I have alot of stories that I believe involve ghosts but the ones that most stick out in my mind are the ones that occured while attending boarding school in Oregon. The school had an older site where the school used to be with a graveyard but had been closed down. It's been said that some of the schools' dorms had ghosts but I didn't listen too well to those stories until I started having my own experiences. Here are some of them.

In my freshman year late one night my roommate and I were going to sleep, about five minutes after getting into bed we heard this noise, like paper crumbling towards the foot of the bunk bed, it wasn't that loud. When I first heard it I thought it was her and vice versa. As time went on the noise got louder and louder. I started to get scared because we didn't know where the noise was coming from as there was nothing at the foot of the bed. I suggested we start praying. The noise finally went away after that. The next morning we looked under the bed and on the floor but could not find where the noise from the previous night had been coming from. It became an almost nightly occurence. My roommate Gloria and I started to sleep together because we were so scared. We did not tell the matrons or anyone else. The noises finally went away. We were so glad.

Since the noise had finally went away Gloria decided she was going to stay the night in her friends room but she said she would find someone to sleep in the room with me. The other girl went right to sleep upon getting in bed. I myself couldn't sleep I stayed awake for maybe 30 mins when I heard a knocking noise three times on this dresser beside me. It knocked four times and stopped when I started praying. After the noise stopped I opened the door to the hallway so I wouldn't be so scared when I layed back down I saw what appeared to be a dark shadow go by the door. I didn't want to wake the other girl so I ran out the door and down the hall to the matrons office but did not tell her about what had just happened. Since we already knew they did not believe the dorms to be haunted. The next day Gloria said she wouldn't stay the night anywhere else after that.

Another time we were both in our room, suddenly the room got cold, we heard a knocking turned scratching noise. So we yelled to our bathroom mates to see what they had wanted. They yelled back that they weren't trying to call us in anyway. So my Gloria was going to go through the bathroom to see if they had been making the noise when the door wouldn't open and she asked them to unlock the door from the other side. They came to the door and tried to open it but it was locked from their side also. We both started yelling and banging on the door to get us out of there. We tried the front door also and that was locked too. We both started to cry because we were so scared and couldn't get out. One of the girls ran around to the front door and tried from that side and it still didn't open. The noise stopped and the bathroom door suddenly opened on its' own. We weren't harmed or didn't see anything, all we could heard was the noise.

Shortly after that incident I left the school. I'm not too sure if she got a new roommate and still heard or had anything else happen after I left as we lost contact after that. But I know we weren't the only ones to hear things, other students did too. The school is still there, and not sure if they hear anything but I'm glad that i'm out of there and safely home.

April, Alaska, USA
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