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Boiler Room Ghost

Jenny, West Virginia, USA
September 2005

I work security for a major Pharmaceutical Company, and the site I work at is mostly research and experimenting. I have to walk a few miles every day through and around the office and lab buildings, so many of the places I have to check are dark, noisy, and downright spooky.

Sometimes while I'm on my rounds, I feel like someone is watching me or following me. There are several small incidences of this and other things:

There is one conference room with a long table and chairs all around it. I work the afternoon/evening shift so it gets to be dark in that room as I walk past it. Everytime I walk past I feel like the room is full of people who stop what they are doing just to stare at me as I walk I'm the ghost intruding on them! lol

On certain days us security guards have to pass out "desk drops." They are papers we put on every employee's desk like menus for the cafeteria, announcements and so forth.

One day I was holding a stack of them in one arm and walking around passing them out with the other. I felt like someone was following me, but since I am used to it, I just minded my own business and began humming. All of a sudden I looked down at the paper in my hand and it was upside down! I looked at the stack, and sure enough, all the papers were upside down. I thought of my ghost right away, then thought, "no, the papers were just stacked that way." I flipped through the rest of the papers to make sure they were all right side up and they were. So I kept going. A couple minutes later, I looked down and they were upside down again! I was a little freaked out then, but I had to keep going, so I cooled down and did.

There is a floor in a building connected to the ones I walk through that definitely has some kind of activity. One time I walked down the stairwell between floors and saw something out of the corner of my eye, on the stairs of the floor below me. As soon as I turned my head, this shadow raced down the stairs faster than I could follow with my eyes. I got the chills and kept going on my rounds.

When I got down to the bottom floor, already creeped out, I definitely felt something following me. I turned on all the lights and just did what I had to do. Halfway down the hallway on that floor is a boiler room with a button to hit inside it. Security uses small handheld pipes with hardrives in them. You touch the pipe to the button and the pipe records that you were in that room. Your supervisor then downloads the info from the pipe to check to make sure you are doing your rounds. So I go into that room to hit the button. As I walk in, I notice that it is colder than usual in there. There are two light switches to light up the whole room because one is just too dim to really see without your eyes adjusting. So I flip both of them on and only one works. I walk in the semi-lit room to the button, and I turn to walk out. As soon as I walk through the door, some invisible thing knocks my radio and pipe out of my hands to the floor! I quickly turned out the light and shut the door and got outta there. This exact thing has happened twice so far.

All the other guards laugh at me when I mention that there is a ghost in that building. They like to tease me about it because I'm younger and a girl. After I told one of the old guys I was training this story, he said he believed me. I thought he was just humoring me. When we walked down there to the boiler room, he turned to me, his face pale. He pointed to his arm. "Goosebumps," he said. "There is a chill in the air." I said I told you so or something dumb like that.

Later I learned from one of the old guards that a couple people died long ago in that boiler room, and that this whole campus is on an old Native American burial ground.

Jenny, West Virginia, USA
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