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Book of Demons

Heidi Rieche, Idaho, USA
June 2005

Hey all, my name is Heidi Rieche. I'm 18, but this story takes place when I was about 7 years old. enjoy...

I was snooping through the house one day, doing what kids do when they're bored, when I noticed a very thick dusty old book on the book shelf. I climbed up on the couch, and pulled the book down, to have a better look. I was very surprised to see that the cover had a very elaborate, scary drawing of a Demon. I couldn't figure out why this book was in my home, because my parents were religious, and my dad was a hardcore Christian. I opened the book to the exact page of some incantation to 'call upon the black widow demon' At the bottom of the page, it said to never read the incantation out loud. I'm thinking, 'then why'd you put it in a book!?' so I started reading.

Nothing happened, so I pretty much forgot I had ever read it, and strangely enough, the book disappeared. A couple nights later, my mom was trying to start a fire. (we live in Northern Idaho, and winters are cold). It was completely out, except for a very small, weak flame. I walked past the fire, noticing this, to get a drink in the kitchen. I looked back, and nearly choked as I noticed the roaring flames coming out of the stove.

That same night, I suddenly woke up in bed, with a very strange feeling. I looked over to my closet and noticed that the huge stuffed mouse my mom made for me, (when I was about 3) suddenly moved forward. It's eyes got so red, I thought they were on fire, and its tail slowly started slithering towards me. I was almost hypnotized. About 3 feet before the tail got to me, I jumped out of bed, and darted for my mom's room. I didn't sleep in my room for about a week, until I figured I might as well get over it.

About 5 months later, I was sleeping, and at exactly 2:30am I woke up to whispering. It said "Heidi.....wake's time...."
The next night, I woke up at the same time and heard whispering again. I thought my brother had his friend, Daniel over, but realized it was a woman's voice, and a deep voice of a man. I listened, and I heard the man say, "what are we going to do with her?" and the woman say, "shhhh...whisper....she's different from the rest...she has a gift she does not yet know...we can not let her know!" Then I was asleep again. Then next morning I woke up, and saw that my stuffed animals were 'huddled' together on the shelf in a circle, as though they were chatting with each other. I never sat my stuffed animals like that, I always had them with their backs on the wall, looking straight out. I burnt them all outside that same day...but strangely enough, they wouldn't burn, so I buried them in the ground.

The strangest part of all is that about 2 years after this incident happened, a thorn bush grew over the ground I buried the stuffed animals in...

Heidi Rieche, Idaho, USA
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