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Boy In The Shower

Kiara, NSW, Australia
August 2007

I've always wanted to see a ghost. I've heard so many cool stories about ghost experiences from my grandfather and friends, and been so anxious to see one even to the point of looking for them at night. But when I actually saw one, it was not "cool". It was extremely frightening.

I saw him for the first time when you would least expect it.

It was my 9 year old sister's sleep over birthday party and all her little girl friends were there. They were watching some movie with talking animals out in the lounge room. I'd just gotten dressed after my shower and went to the bathroom to hang up my towel. I walked into the bathroom, hung it up and as I spun around to go out I saw this little person. I wasn't quite sure whether it was a boy or a girl. It was just standing there, facing the wall looking at what I think was a spider. I was so stunned I just walked out thinking it was a dream. I told my mum and she went into the bathroom but it was gone.

The second time I saw it, I was just writing in my diary at my desk, I had my music playing and I was really stressed out from exams. I have two doors in my room, one to go into the storeroom and the other leads out to the living room. I saw the storeroom door open quite slowly, it creaked and I thought it was just the wind. Next thing I know, that same little boy (this time it was facing me so I could tell it was a boy). It just glanced at me as if it was looking in the mirror, and then looked down at his feet and walked out the other door. When I had told mum about the other experience, she told me that if I see it again, to say to him "go home, go to the light, you'll be happy and safe there." But I tried to speak and no words came out of my mouth.
Just looking at this boy, made me feel the most lonely and lost feeling I had ever felt. I just felt this boy was so alone, confused and lost and I wanted to help him but I couldn't speak. I was very frustrated. I also think I heard him crying once when I went outside to feed my dogs. But as I took my dad outside so he could hear the weeping, there was no noise and he thought I was making it up to seek attention.

Kiara, NSW, Australia
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