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Brad (2)

January 2006

When I was 15 years old, I was "dating" a neighborhood boy and school mate. By dating I mean we were considered an item by the other kids, we went to the mall in groups, or to the movies. Brad seemed to be really in love with me, while I was too young to feel that yet. One day I was on the way to my art lesson with my Grandmother and it was pouring down rain. The kind of rain that floods the local creeks and even some roadways. I had a eerie feeling driving to the lesson, and was very glad when it was over. That evening, I was downstairs in my Grandmother's basement watching TV. The phone rang and it was one of our mutal friends. I will never forget the call, she said "Tamara, there has been an accident, and Brad is dead." I just remember dropping the phone and running up the stairs and out into the night. I dropped to my knees and screamed.

I was mortified. He was so young. Later that evening my sister came home and told me he had called for me that day, to ask if I would go "rafting" with him and his brother. I was shocked, because that is how the accident happened. He had gone rafting with his brother on one of the swollen creeks and had fallen in. The current had dragged him under and he had been squeezed between two rocks. He had washed up on a local back yard, and had been rushed to the hospital and died an hour later.

My mother would not let me attend the funeral. I was very upset, and I think she thought it would make the situation worse. The night of the funeral I was in my room crying. I was angry about his seemingly needless death. It was a warm night, and I had a fan in my doorway. I remember crying out to him, that if he was OK that I wanted to see him one more time. About then, a very misty white figure appeared right by my bed. I could only make out an outline, and the figure was very white and very red at the waist and on down. Well, it really terrified me! I screamed out and as soon as I did, it was gone. My mother came rushing in my room, but only after moving the fan out of the way.

The next day I spoke with a friend who did go to the funeral and I explained what happened. She was just as shocked when I told her about the figure because Brad had been wearing bright red shorts when he was found.

Since then, I have been very careful what I ask for....

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