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Brass Bed

Rachel, PA, USA
June 2001

The following is a completely true story-entirely factual- not a single thing has been embellished or changed. This is not one of those stories that happened to "a friend of a friend of a friend"- it happened to me and my family when I was about 8 years old.

My father, stepmother, 2 older sisters and I were going to a relatives farm house for a small vacation. When we pulled our car up to the house (we had never been there before- my aunt and uncle had recently moved) an older woman dressed in all black was standing in the driveway. She waved frantically at our car- screaming to leave immediately. My father got out of the car and spoke for a few minutes with her, telling us not to get out. When she left- my father motioned for us to get out. He claimed that she said it was her house- her daughter had recently passed away. We thought it very strange. My aunt and uncle had known the people they bought the house from for some time and as far as we knew an old woman was not in the family.

We went into the house and told our story to my relatives who said that they had been bothered by this woman ever since moving in and had actually called the police on her. The Police knew nothing of her, had never met her before and the previous owners had similar problems with her but were not related to her in any way.

Over the next few hours we experienced some very unusual phenomena. The VCR on the TV repeatedly ejected and INJECTED (not possible from remote) the tape we were trying to watch. Small toys in the baby's crib kept turning themselves on and a few other non-important things happened.

That night my sisters and I were scared to go to sleep, well at least I know I was. To this day I don't know if they were pretending to be scared to scare me more. Nothing of much interest happened during the night.

The next morning when I woke up my family members were all downstairs. Apparently that morning the lady had come back and just pointed up at a window on the second floor screaming. She calmed down enough at one point to talk to my uncle, and she proceeded to tell him a pretty unbelievable story.

She said that she lived in the house with her young daughter, who had become seriously ill and bedridden. One morning, the old woman went in to check on her daughter, and discovered that she had gotten sicker during the night. She ran downstairs to call the doctor, and when she returned her daughter had disappeared along with the huge brass bed she slept on. She was never seen again.

My family, of course, did not believe this story in any way and dismissed the old lady as being crazy. Well, later on that day I discovered that the window the old woman was pointing to was the very one I was staying in. Being 8 and incredibly gullible I refused to spend another night in that room. My "brave" older sister volunteered, claiming she "wasn't fraid of no ghosts."

That night a variety of incidences occurred. My sister that took my room that night said she saw a young girl in the mirror instead of her own reflection, and felt the bed moving under her as she slept. She also claims to have been woken up by a strange feeling, only to discover that she was levitated about a foot off the bed. She slept in my parents bed the rest of that night.

The next day, my parents and my aunt and uncle decided to leave the house. Too many weird things had been happening, and no one felt very comfortable. As my sisters and I waited for our parents to get ready, we played tag in the back yard. Half of the yard is woodsy and we decided to continue our game farther into the trees. My oldest sister was "it", and was chasing us around when she suddenly fell to the ground. We ran over to see if she was alright, and she said she was fine just a scratch. Hearing the little yells my parents came running over to see what had happened. When we looked for what she had tripped over we found, almost entirely underground a brass bed. We got out of there faster than humanly possible and my aunt and uncle never went back.

Rachel, PA, USA
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