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Breathing, Whispers & My Cat Protector

Brooke-Anne Fox, London, UK
September 2002

I've lived I'm my house with my mum and older brother for about 5 years, we didn't know it was haunted until about a year and a half ago.

We have always owned cats, we are definitely cat people! (This is just a bit of back-ground information to let you in on everything).

One night my cat jumped out of a window that's about 50 feet from the ground, he bashed his mouth and had to me taken to the vet and stay overnight.

That night at about 2:15am my mum was woken by loud breathing, it was coming from the direction of her bedside table, which is pushed right against the wall and there is only about a 1 foot gap between the table and her bed, so none of us could have been doing it (I was asleep in the bed next to her, but she could hear my breathing as well as the other breathing). She lay there very scared, listening for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden it stopped.

At 2:30am my brother Troy woke up and heard the same breathing noise by his bedside table, he sleeps alone so there is no one it could have been! He got a bit scared (though he only admits it to me) and switched on his lamp. Usually in ghost stories this is the time when the noise stops, but it didn't stop, Troy still heard it for about 15 minutes, then it just got quieter until it stopped. When we all woke up Troy and my Mum told me what they had heard, I had slept right through it, but I was still scared at the thought of living in a haunted house.

I stayed at home while Mum and Troy picked the cat up from the vet (he was ok, just needed us to give him tablets which was a horror story in its self). I was sitting on the floor in the living room watching TV and from the doorway I heard whispering. I couldn't make out what the voices were saying, I am sure there was more than one voice, but I was frozen with fear for about a minute, then the voices got louder like they were coming toward me. Boy I have never moved so fast! I jumped onto the couch and didn't move until my family got home. I told them what happened, they didn't laugh or anything.

The strange thing is none of us have heard anything like that since the cat came home. I really believe he is our protector from that ghost. I know there is more then one.

My Mum's Fianc? who died last Christmas is here, we communicate with him sometimes, which is nice, though it does make me sad sometimes as I do miss him. Sometimes, I get a really ominous feeling from a room, its happening a lot in the bathroom lately, and if its late at night and I need to get a drink, I make my mum come downstairs with me (really grown up, since I'm 19), but other than that nothing much else has happened.

Brooke-Anne Fox, London, UK
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