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Breathing (2)

January 1997

My story is kinda similar to the other story found on this webpage, "Breathing". It happened last year when I was 13.

I lived in this 5 room flat, where I normally sleep with my brother. One night, out of fun, I decided to try sleeping in my Dad's study. His study was sort of spooky, he doesn't like to keep his windows open you see, so the room is stuffy and my Dad loves to collect old newspapers so there are stacks them piled up , taking up half the space in the room.

Nothing happened during the first few nights when I slept in the room. But on the fourth night, I woke up suddenly sometime during in the morning. I was sweating like mad and the room was really stuffy. At first, I didn't realize what was wrong, then I heard this breathing noise. It came from my Dad's table, as if some one was sitting on my father's chair, which was directly above my pillow,where I was sleeping. I was so scared that I actually froze and listened. The sound didn't fade away, it was kind of like your regular steady breathing, only that it was loud enough for me to hear. I didn't have enough courage to start screaming as that thing ( whatever was breathing) was right above me. I must have fallen asleep and when I woke up, it was already dawn. The breathing wasn't there anymore, but I dashed out of my dad's study and never slept there again.

I told my parents about it but they say it was only the pipes expanding and contracting.If so, why did it happen only on that particular night? I've been living in that house since I was born and that is the only time I've ever heard the breathing sound. And it definitely is not my imagination!

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