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Broken Promise

Rebecca and James, UK
March 2003

My partner James and I moved into our first flat about two years ago after working very hard for a while to earn the money to do so. We were very excited as the flat in question we moved into was very expensive, very secure and from the first time we saw it, we really loved it. It was quite small, a one bedroomed place and it was on the Pier in Hull, England.

When we actually got settled into the place, it felt a little odd straight away. For the first week, I felt ill and couldn't eat and got a very strange, claustrophobic feeling in the hallway that connected all the rooms. This was a feeling that was experienced by nearly everyone that came into the place.

The first things that began to happen was a strange sound coming from the kitchen area. The kitchen and living room were combined and they backed onto the bedroom. Where our headboard was, on the other side of the wall there was the sideboards, sink and cupboards. The sounds we heard were like scrapings or scratching sounds. Also, James on many occasions woke me up saying he could hear someone moving plates and cutlery. Before we moved into this place, James was a complete and total skeptic I might add whereas I had more of an open mind due to experiences from the past. James is not a skeptic now though, though he is still a very logical and down to earth person.

Around that time I was bought a pack of tarot cards and I found myself to be rather good with them. Every person I have done a reading for has had their reading come true. On one such occasion, I was doing a simple life spread for my friend Amy. As I got to a rather crucial point, all the glasses and cups and other things on the washboard began to vibrate and clatter noisily, putting us off.

On another occasion the three of us were sat around in the living room and I felt something hit the back of my head. When I looked down at the floor I saw the top to a perfume bottle that I knew I had placed on a windowsill that was directly behind my head. Amy and James both saw this happen. Before I had chance to vocalise my surprise, the actual perfume bottle itself hit me on the head, hurting me. When I turned round I was even more surprised to discover the curtains were closed, so the bottle and lid must have travelled through the curtain to reach me!

We had two framed pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary in our living room, as we collect kitsch things like that and one night when we came back from a nightclub we found the Jesus picture on the floor, smashed everywhere. It had actually been nailed to the wall before we left, so we've no idea how it got to the floor, but it didn't fall as it was nailed tight. Also, the nail was still in the wall.

Other things; a box that we kept our piercings and earrings in often for no reason at all was found square in the middle of the living room floor, even though it was usually kept in a high place elsewhere or in a drawer. Once when James' Mum and Dad came to visit they were scoffing at all we told them about the activities we had experienced and as they told us they didn't believe us, a doll from our shelving unit flew across the room and landed on the floor in front of them! they got an eerie feeling and left. One night also, James and I were sat in bed watching the TV and James heard what sounded like a growl in his ear. that's all could describe it as, but I can honestly say, I have never seen him as scared as that in my life, he was petrified. I heard nothing.

We ended up doing an Ouija board to try and find out what was going on. I had done many before and was rather scared as all the others one I have taken part in have had some action. Some of the ones I have done, especially when I was at College were terrifying. This one was not really, the connection felt quite weak and we didn't find out much. One important thing is that we promised the board that we would come back and talk again, without a doubt we would. We didn't.

On our last night there, the scariest things happened. A friend of ours was helping us box things and do last minute stuff. James, him and I were laid on our bellies relaxing in the bedroom that was empty except for the beds when a really horrible, creepy, cold feeling came over us. None of us spoke, we all just looked at each other, completely silent. I swear to god, every single hair on my arms and neck and back must have pricked up. I felt like my hair was going to turn white. I eventually told James to go and lock the front door and he did so, though very freaked out. Then we found ourselves running in fear to the living room. We sat about and put the TV on to create some background noise, although none of us wanted to talk really either. The feeling didn't subside. We all got the impression that there was something watching us through the door, actually through the wood of the door. It might sound really weird, but you had to be there, it was the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me. It felt like all energies in the building were concentrated on our flat and it was so intense you could almost hear it crackle. In the end, our friend couldn't handle it anymore and he went home, looking very pale and chain-smoking. James and I sat up all night, despite our busy day ahead the next day what with the moving house and all. The feeling was there all night and it was dreadful, absolutely chilling. Despite the fact our beds were still there in the bedroom, we couldn't go through there, we ended up sitting up on the sofa all night, staring at the door that lead to the hall.

Since we've moved into our new flat, about a year ago, we've had no trouble at all. It feels like we should have always been here, especially after painting and decorating it. We have also come to the conclusion that the reason we experienced so much on the last night was because we promised to speak to whoever was haunting us via the Ouija before we left and we never got round to it. Who knows, if we had got round to it, maybe it would have followed us here, so I'm glad we didn't!

Rebecca and James, UK
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