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Brown County

Lauren, Indiana, USA
September 2006

I have 2 stories, both take place in the same county.
The first story happened to an ex- aunt.

Trish worked in a hotel in Brown County, this old hotel used to be a mansion for a wealthy family that lived in the town. There were several rooms that people claimed to have had odd occurrences in. These were documented in each individual room's diary that the guest could write in to share their experience.
These instances were torn from the diaries so as not to scare away any customers.
One time, a couple stayed in a certain room. One of these two people got up to take a shower, while the other slept. All of a sudden, the other woke up to the sound of the television, he of course thought his wife had turned it on. After this man had woken up a bit more, he realized that his wife was in the shower. In another room, a couple claimed to have smelled a sweet sort of perfume periodically, as well as the sensation that someone kept sitting and lying down on their bed.
My ex-aunt also reported that when she was in the kitchen early in the morning ( which was of course in the basement) she could hear the elevator going up and down when she knew she was the only employee in the building. She also stated that she heard someone continually walking up and down a flight of stairs that was near where she was working.
When I went to this hotel to have a look around, I felt eyes on my back constantly, I had goose bumps throughout the duration of our visit.
My second story takes place at my grandparents' house that is also in Brown County.
They built the house nearly 20 years ago. It is two stories tall. I was always uncomfortable downstairs, I felt that something was always watching me, lurking in the darkest shadows in the house. Whenever I went back upstairs, I always ran up the stairs. Whenever I went, I always had this cold sensation on the back of my neck. They had a grandfather clock on their flight of stairs that would go off occasionally...even though it wasn't working.
My grandparents decor is almost 100% antique, they have either picked it up by the side of the road or purchased it at an auction, and I always felt that there was something attached to these items.
I always felt a weak but sinister presence in that house, it was nearly impossible to fall asleep unless I was sleeping in the same room as my grandparents.
One time, I decided to live with them (for a short time) and yes, they gave me a room on the bottom floor, very far from where they were. At night, I would always hear some type of movement, whether it was something moving around in my room, or something in the walls. I tried to make the dog sleep with me, but he hated that room too.
The darkness in that house was like none you have ever seen before! If I had to walk through a shadow to get somewhere, forget it, I could wait! I was absolutely petrified of the dark there!
I'm sorry my story was so...all over the place, but all I have are instances, stuff that really got my heart jumping. If you have ever been deathly afraid, you know what that feels can feel every beat of your heart against your sternum.

Lauren, Indiana, USA
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