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Brownies And Ghosts And Voices Oh My!

October 2003

This story isn't really scary, however, for me, it causes alot of frustration. Let me give you a little background on myself before I tell my story.

I am a practicing Wiccan, however, I live inside the city, so I can't go outside to worship. Well, I could, if I wanted my neighbors to think I was completely insane. Anyways, with all the magic I perform inside my little apartment, there is bound to be some remnants of it still lingering around.

I have attracted what my fiancee calls a "Brownie". I have more colorful terms for him, but I just usually call him a thief! He is very annoying. I have yet to see him, however, I have read about Brownies, and they are like fairies. Very mischievous. He is a spirit that is supposed to bring wealth and good luck to those he "haunts". All he has brought to me is several headaches and a bad temper.

My first encounter with him was when my remote control for my TV came up missing, this also happened to be the only remote I had for my VCR too, which doesn't work without a remote. This remote has come up missing several times, and both times it shows back up days later in the very spots I was looking for it in.

The first time, it showed up in the middle of my bed between my box springs and my mattress. I know I didn't put it there, and the last time I checked, my remote did not have feet to walk away.

The second time it came up missing, I found it under my bed, half sticking out by the leg of the frame. Sticking out so far, in fact, that if it had been there for the five days I was looking for it, I would eventually have kicked it.

The last thing that came up missing was some specially blended incense that set me back a little bit of money, which was really annoying and nerve wracking for me.

I had taken it into my bedroom and I was unloading a couple of other bags, and I turned to that one and what do you think I saw? It sure wasn't my incense, because to this day, about three months later, I still haven't seen it. The most recent incident was my mothers medications have come up missing. So, of course, I get yelled at for that also. He thinks he is funny, but all he really is is a bother...however, if that wealth starts rolling in like the books says he brings with him, I guess I could tolerate him.

Another incident that has happened, wasn't from the brownie. This happened to my mother in the same house we live in currently. About 6 months ago, there was a huge string of home invasions where people were killed in their sleep for a few dumb items and little cash.

I had left for work already and my mother was sick. She called me about 9 in the morning and was upset because she had woken up and saw three very nice looking men standing in her doorway, they had sunglasses and suits on. She said she closed her eyes, and thinking they were robbers, she pulled the covers up over her head, but there was no noise, except for the parrot we have in the living room, and when she finally opened her eyes she saw no one there. This freaked her out quite a bit. About the same time she saw them, I was listening to Montel at work, I had a TV radio that I listened to while I worked, and Sylvia Brown was on there that morning, and in my right ear piece, I could hear someone talking. I just thought it was Montel until I heard them speaking at the same time. The voice was a man, and he was getting angrier and angrier the more he repeated himself. He kept saying,"Move...." and "Listen to me...MOVE!" like a broken record. About the time my mom called me I had thrown my headphones off and gotten up to go for a quick walk someplace. Something about that voice really got to me. I was never so glad to get a phone call at work and get in trouble for it than I was that day.

I have never heard that voice again nor has my mom seen those men again, and the home invasions have stopped. Now, I just need to figure out how to get rid of one very pesky Brownie!

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