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But Mummy, He's Still Here

Samantha, Victoria, Australia
December 2009

I have a lot of ghost stories but for now I want to tell you the one about my dad...

About 1 month before my 4th birthday my father passed away. My family is always telling me how much I look like my dad and how much they see him in me and how they think he was reincarnated in me because of all the ''coincidences'' between the order of activities in my dad's life and my own.

Anyway, one time when i was having lunch with my aunty she told me that after dad passed I had started seeing him. She said I would point to thin air and shout out ''Look Mummy, Daddy's over there!'' She said that use to freak my mum out because there wasn't anyone there. When I asked my mum about it she said it was true, she said I also use to be able to see and talk to him.

I felt tripped out by this, she said that she use to sneak into my room and I'd be talking to him as if he never left. She told me that sometimes she would see shadows go into my room but when she went to investigate she would stop and listen to me talk to my dad.

Samantha, Victoria, Australia
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