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Cabin Of Horrors

October 2007

One winter break, I went on vacation with my best friend Victoria (Tori) and her Mom and Dad.
We actually stayed in a cabin in the Swiss Alps and the cabin, Tori and I were very disgusted with it.
It was old and dusty and the floors were rotting, they looked as if you might fall through at any given moment.

Tori and I had the best time ever to start with; it snowed every day for 3 days. But on the fourth day, a huge blizzard hit, and it knocked the electricity out. So we all had to light a fire to stay warm, we waited for about 5 hours, but the power still did not come back on.

Eventually, Tori's dad got fed up and decided to drive to the nearest ranger station and let them know.

He was gone for quite a long time, and Tori's mother was getting worried, so she said to Tori, "Darling, I'm going to look for your father, I'm taking the snow- mobile, since he took the car, I don't know when I'll be back, will you girls be ok?" Tori swallowed noisily, but she nodded bravely, but her face was ashen as her mother hugged her, put on her coat, a ski mask, and gloves, and went out the door.

Tori and I both kept the fire going, and practiced our songs (we both took voice lessons and I have to admit, we were and still are very good) anyway, we sang for hours, until my watch read 11:30 P.M. So we went to bed, but it was so cold in the little cabin I could not sleep for the life of me, I lay awake for hours. Then suddenly, I heard Tori give a strangled gasp from across the room. I turned over, and she was stumbling across the room to me. She was deathly pale, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw visible hand prints on her neck. "Tori?" I said slowly. I saw that she needed help, and I leaped up. I got to her just in time, she fainted and all her weight landed right on my arms, we both crashed to the ground. I dragged her back to her bed and flung her like a sack of potatoes onto it. I was horrified, I mean who wouldn't be? I was breathing hard, praying that her parents would come in the door. Tori gave a gasp, and the color came back to her face, but her eyes stayed closed. Then, I heard something, and I saw the outline of a female. "Mrs. Laylor?" I asked. No answer came in the darkness. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't, I so wanted to, but I could not tear my eyes away, she started toward Tori and I, her breathing became raspy and I did not give anything a second thought, I tried to scream but I couldn't. "Why did I sing so much?" I thought wildly. I shook Tori until her teeth rattled, even in her unconscious state. Her eyelids fluttered open, I turned her toward the figure closing in on us, and she sprang up with new energy. She grabbed my wrist and tore out of the room. Then as if in a nightmare, my foot broke through the floorboards, and became stuck. "TORI!!!!!" I yelled. My friend tried desperately to free me, but then we saw her again. My fear suddenly pushed past my dying voice and I screamed, really screamed. I felt a blackness closing in on me, and I tried to fight it, but it flooded my vision and everything lapsed into silence. When I woke up, Tori and her parents were standing over me, and I will never again return to the Alps, or the cabin that the fear still lives in. I don't know if you have figured this out already, but I am Tori.

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