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Call Me

Trevor Sanders, California, USA
March 1998

This happened to a friend of mine, who has lived in many different ares of California, but mostly around the Bay Area, and because he is honorable, I believe him....

A cousin of his died and at he funeral, he went up to the casket to view the body after the services. He looked at his cousin and said, "Call me when you get there." He then put a quarter or a dime in his jacket pocket. I think he said it was about a week later when he would receive calls and nobody would talk, and he would see shadows that resembled his dead cousin. Also, when he was upstairs playing video games, he said he heard a swooshing sound like that from windbreaker-type pants (his cousins' favorite.) Then, he would hear his cousins' voice say, "What are you doing?"

My friend also mentioned that he got a call from a nun (they are a religious family) wanting to give her condolences. He then said that either during the conversation, or just before he was going to hang up, he saw his cousins' figure appear next to the door. After that, he didn't see the shadows or hear his cousins' voice again.

Trevor Sanders, California, USA
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