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Call of The Coyote

May 2005

Greetings and salutations! The story you are about to read is one of the most awe striking moments in the hectic lives of myself and everyone associated with me. Things of the strange and unusual nature seem to occur whenever I am present, sometimes frightening others, and sometimes pleasing them. Fortunately the crowd I was with that night enjoyed it.

I threw a birthday/Halloween bash for my friends. Of course it was required to come dressed in your most peculiar attire. We had a great time and for various reasons everyone stayed the night. I live in a weird section of town where the old part of the city became overgrown, and rebuilt. There is forest surrounding three sides of my house where it used to be roads. Once you venture in you find toppled cars, batteries and a collection of non salvageable parts.
A fire obliterated two houses which you can also find traces of out in the woods.

We were going to have a seance in the woods just for laughs, but ended up getting lost. We heard screams and leaves rustling as if people were sneaking around or hiding. If it was my imagination or reality I wasn't certain, but I could swear it was the darkest night of the year, you could scarcely see three feet in front of you.

Something followed us the entire way, it scared my friends but thats not the first time I was followed. Whatever it was I am not frightened by it, I feel it protects me.

We finally made it back to the house and around five O'clock (in the morning) we settled down to sleep. It was then in our half awake, half asleep stage, that we heard it. At first I thought I had gone mad, for I heard it before anyone else did.

The sound was absolutely undescribable, it was a chorus of high pitched banshees singing sweetly but sporadically. High low, high low, at intense speeds, and so high the dog started to writhe. To this day I have never heard it again nor can I tell you where it came from. We sat up at the exact same moment and looked at one another, of course I am the one who was voted to go see what it was. I was too afraid to look, but I did catch sight of a single bat flying across the sky.

My friends blamed it on coyotes and desperately tried to fall asleep. But not one of us could ever explain what it was or where it came from.

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