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Camp Experience

Ryan, Alberta, Canada
December 2005

This interesting experience happened to me while I was working at a camp just this past summer. I will never forget this experience.

It was late at night, we put all our campers to bed and then me and my buddies just decided to hang out in our room. We were watching a movie on Fred's laptop since we thought all of our kids were asleep. We were part way through the movie when we heard a knock on the door. So I said "Come on in". Tim (not his real name) came in and said 'Ryan, we see an old man running outside our cabin and there's blood on the front door.' First off, we thought he was just joking so we were like 'Your just dreaming, don't worry about it, go back to bed.' He did, but 5 minutes later..another boy came and knocked on the door. 'There's an old man running around outside our cabin and we see blood on the front door.' My buddy Fred told us, we might as well go check what's going on.

When we entered into their room, It got really cold. In our room it was average temperature. All of our kids were awake,they were pretty freaked out. I got Tim to show me the front door and sure enough, there was blood on the door which was strange because no one got hurt that day (as far as I know of). I asked our kids 'What did the man look like?' Then Mark (again, not their real names) said 'He had a pale face, a long beard and had a cane in his hand.' I asked the other boys if thats what they saw and they all said 'yes.' I told 2 of the other counselors to stay in the room with the kids while me and Fred went out to see if anyone was out there.

It was 2:00 in the morning, pitch black outside so Fred and I brought flashlights to help us check things out.

We walked around our cabin and all the other cabins but we saw nothing. There was a path right by our cabin that went into the woods so Fred was like 'Do you think the guy went in there?' I just shrugged my shoulders and said we should go look.

While we were walking, we came up to an old abandoned shed with a broken bench outside of it. Sure enough,we saw an old Man sitting on the bench with a Cane that was laying beside him and he was saying 'My poor son, My poor son' All of a sudden he began to fade away quickly and soon after he was gone. Fred and I ran right back to the cabin..We told all the kids we saw nothing so they wouldn't be any more freaked out but we told the other counselors and the Camp manager what we really saw. Nobody could explain what had happened and who was that Old man? where did he come from? But I know one thing for sure is whenever I go back up there..I will always remember what happened on that night.

If you think you might know what happened or will help me research the place or something let me know and I'll greatly appreciate the help.

Ryan, Alberta, Canada
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