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Camp Ground Ghost

May 2003

My experiences took place at a church camp which I have attended for over ten years.

It was Labor Day weekend of 2002. I was a staff member at this camp. The staff house was set up with four rooms and one bathroom. The doors to all of the rooms were lined up along a long porch. I was in the 4th room down. The door to my room was right next to the bathroom door.

The first experience was a sighting made by a friend of mine. She woke up at approximately 4:00 am to go to the bathroom. (It is important to note that us staff members had a camp fire burning in front of the staff house the whole night). When she opened the door she saw a dark man sitting at our camp fire. One of his legs was crossed over the other as he swayed back and forth with his hands warming over the fire. She quickly turned around to wake her sister, but when she turned back he was gone.

The next night the other staff members and I were sitting in the first room. While we were talking we heard the door to the second room open and then close. There was no one up at the house except for the people in the first room. All of us went out together to check the other rooms but we found nothing.

That same night, about an hour later, I decided to go and have a shower. Remember when I said that my door was right next to the bathroom door? When I stepped out I heard footsteps walking accross the front lawn, I looked over the porch railing thinking that it was a raccoon or some other animal but nothing was there. I could still hear the footsteps as I hurried down the porch to the first room where everyone was still talking to each other.

To this day I don't think anybody believes that I heard the footsteps, but I know I did.

There is one more thing, but I'm not quite sure yet if it has something to do with my experiences.

Every night I would set my alarm clock and have it facing me when I went to sleep. But every morning when it went off the alarm clock was facing the other direction. Also there would be times when I would forget to set it and it would still go off at the time I needed to get up.

None of these experiences really freaked me out. In fact I am going back to camp as a staff member again this summer and I chose the same room to sleep in.

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