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Camp Terror

Brad, Washington, USA
August 2000

Ok, so the titles a little different. But I promise you, this story is so much better. We all know about the paranormal, ghosts, spirits, hauntings, and all that. It can happen anytime, any where. Even when you feel the safest. Maybe, say at summercamp? Ok, I'm gonna tell it how it went in order of the 7 days we were at camp. For school reasons, I cant release the name.

We were just getting off the busses, relieved that we didn't have to sing anymore dopey songs. We got off, got our stuff, which took 20 minutes, and headed for our cabins.

This was pretty much an ordinary summer camp, dumb songs, hard beds, psycho counsellors. But there was one thing that was different, very high paranormal activity. I was the first into my cabin, which was the only one that had tons of flowers around it. I didn't know what it was for, so I walked on in, being egged by my friends, who already thought it was haunted. Not knowing where I was, I walked up the hall, and to the left, the sleeping quarters. I turned the corner, and this kid, who had flowers in his hand, was laying on the floor, with his throat slit. Just as I saw that, I looked up, and a man with a tough heavy leather jacket, (who also had flowers) turned around, knife in hand.

I'm a boy, and I am not scared that easily, so my friends got a surprise. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" I screamed, turning around, and heading for the door. By now, the entire camp was at the door, wondering why the heck I was screaming. "A ghost! It.. its there. And, a dude.. a bad dude... he killed him! And they... they!" I said, looking down, and noticing another pile of the flowers that surrounded my cabin, at my feet. That freaked me out, so I walked in with my friends, to discover that nothing was there.

They thought I was crazy already, great.

Well, we just did everything normally, and acted as if nothing happened. We ate dinner, and we came back to the cabin, almost forgetting about everything. Then, when we were getting ready to go to bed, I noticed some writing on my wall. "eddie the florist was here...beware at night." I knew this was fake, I mean, beware at night? HA! Especially because my rivals name was Eddie. So, I decided to go get some friends, along with Eddie, so they could see it.

We walked back in to the room, and saw that the writing was gone. I looked for it everywhere, but it just wouldn't show up again! Well, nothing really paranormal happened till the next night, when we were singing more stupid camp songs at the main building.

We started singing a native American song, which is what I think the murdered kids nationality was. And suddenly the lights went out. We were in 5th grade, so it was the average girls screaming, boys making ghost noises. But thats not the way it worked. We and my two friends that are really in to the paranormal, John, and Andy, we saw something. It was like a thick mist, that covered all of our mouths, so we couldn't sing. Then, it disappeared, into a big attic hole in the ceiling. The lights turned back on, and we were freaked. The girls were all like, I wonder why the power went out? Which shocked me. "You didn't see it too?" I asked. "see what?" They kept asking. I couldn't believe it. The people that I told about the dead kid, saw the mist, but no one else did. Weird.

I was getting really freaked, so I asked the main person (I didn't know her name) alot of questions. "Whats up with that attic thing in the ceiling? Its the only place where the lights are still out!" She looked up, then looked at me, and gave me a frown. I would later find out why. Since the song was in native American, I then asked, "What do the lyrics to the song mean?" By now everyone was looking at me, and thought I was a psycho, so I shut up.

We did everything normally till we got back to the cabin.

It was time for bed, already, and one little dork, I wont say his name, started singing the song again. Suddenly, the lights went out, and out of a hole in the ceiling, the man with a knife appeared. I got up, ran from my cabin, and went to the leader lady, who was heading back to her cabin. "Do you know what just happened?!" She looked surprised, frowned and said, "yes I do. You are the 9th paranormal believer in that cabin that has seen what you've seen." she said.
I asked "what is the hole in the ceiling in the main building?". She frowned, yet again. "50 years ago, tonight, a florist murdered his bosses child. He couldn't hide the body, so he put it up there." I was surprised. Then I asked what the lyrics in the song were.
"Those lyrics hail the spirits of the killer, and the victim. It is supposed to bring them both peace, but peace to the killer is to kill again." I was psyched out. I was freaked out. I wanted to run all the way home. (Mt. St. Helen's to Vancouver, WA). But I stayed.

Nothing happened the rest of my stay there, but I will never forget...

Camp terror.

I should remind you that if you sing the song on those grounds, something weird WILL happen. Gin gang gooley...

Brad, Washington, USA
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