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Camp Tockwogh

Anne, Pennsylvania, USA
March 2001

I have been interested in ghost stories for years-ever since this true story happened to me. I love this website & I have never submitted my story before. I have told people about it. Some believe me, some don't. Anyway, on with my story.

I used to go to a camp in Maryland when I was a teenager. That summer I was a counselor in training along with my best friend since childhood. We were inseparable at that point in my life, but since then we have gone in different directions in our lives. I am now 28 and this is one experience I will NEVER forget.

It was changeover weekend at camp and all of the campers from the first half of the summer had gone home & a new batch of campers were coming on Sunday. All of the counselors had the weekend off so none of them were at the camp.

All of the counselors in training had to stay at camp to make sure everything was ready for the new campers. All of the female CITs decided to sleep in one cabin that night. My best friend & I walked a good distance to her cabin to pick up her toothbrush & a sleeping bag & jammies. It was around 9:00 in the evening & pretty dark. As we were strolling along talking about boys probably, I saw a bluish mist about 50 yards away. It travelled across a dirt road & into the woods. It went very fast & I remember it vibrating as it was moving. I thought my eyes must be playing tricks on me, but then my best friend asked me if I saw that bluish shaky foggy thing. I looked at her & she looked at me & I screamed and started running the other direction as far from that thing as possible. We ran all the way back to the cabin where the rest of the girls were and we told them what we saw. Of course no one believed us.

I was so scared the rest of the night I couldn't sleep. I thought it would find me where I was sleeping.

I believe in ghosts & I believe they can choose to show themselves or not. I always wonder why It showed Itself to me & my friend. I have had other experiences in my life, but this was the only one I ever KNEW was not just my imagination. Now I think how I experienced something that most people never will. It is a special memory. I wonder if this happened today, if I would react the same way.

Anne, Pennsylvania, USA
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