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Camping Scare

J Goob, FL, USA
January 2005

I live in a quiet town in Northern Florida where there aren't many sightings of ghosts. I was on a camping trip with my friend Matt and we were expecting to have a good time, but just in case, I brought my rifle with me. This story is a little scary so you might want to read it in the day time.

It was Fall and was the perfect time to go camping because of the cool breeze and changing colors of the leaves, so we thought. It was only supposed to be a 2-day trip, and we only brought enough for 3 just in case. The woods have been known to be haunted on numerous accounts and we didn't believe a word.

We started hiking to get to where we wanted to camp, and Matt starts feeling like something is watching us, and starts to freak out. Deciding we had walked far enough to set camp we unpacked all of our stuff from our packs and had a snack right before sundown to get ready for sleep.

We had 2 seperate tents and we start to put them up when Matt suddenly starts to get the feeling from earlier, and almost breaks down in tears. I still didn't know what was wrong with him but I was starting to get scared that there was really something out there. Hes 14 years old, and hes pretty tough and not a wuss. That was before we found out that we were on burial grounds for the former Cherokee Indian tribe.

Continuing my story, hes freakin' I'm freakin' and we're both about to wet ourselves. After lying down for a while we hear something like stones hitting the ground outside the tents. I walk out to go check if Matt is taking a pee or something when I get this feeling like something is right in front of my face, I could even smell it. I couldn't see anything because Matt had the flashlight and was asleep, so I panicked and zipped up the tent as fast as I could and started hyper ventilating. I yell for Matt to come, but he doesn't answer. By this point I'm so scared so I run out of my tent and dash for Matts. I unzip the tent and see a dark figure standing over him kind of floating. He's wide awake and too afraid to talk, but staring right at me. I could see he was too afraid to move and so was I but I had to do something. I wuss out and run for a branch to defend myself when Matt comes running out looking really scared saying something really fast and loud, and then passes out. I, by this time, have already wet myself (truthfully) and am frozen. I finally get the courage to walk over to him and try to wake him up but trip over a log (because I cant see) and fall straight on him. He wakes up and pushes me aside telling me to tell him where the ghost went. I said I hadn't seen it. so Matt gets up and spears the tent trying to hit something thats not there and starts beating the hell out of the 40 dollar tent. I told him we need to go find help but he wasn't listening. He was running on adrenaline, so I finally tore him off the tent and we started to run when we see the dark "thing" again and all I remember is waking up the next morning next to Matt with a bad headache and he says "we're going to die arent we?" I told him we weren't going to die so we packed up as fast as we could to start hiking back home. We made it home without any difficulties except Matt and eerie feelings.

J Goob, FL, USA
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