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Candytuft Medieval Graveyard

Mark L., Bucks, UK
November 2005

Our house (well, the whole estate of Candytuft Green in Widmer End, Bucks. UK) was apparently built over a medieval graveyard which later became a vineyard or the other way around. On many occasion, not only in our house, you would hear of strange occurrences, noises, actual physical restrictions on someone when there was no one around inside any of the houses.

The two main personal experiences I had (there were certainly more than two but these were the most memorable) were mainly in my bedroom.

At the age of 6 ? 7 years old, possibly younger, I can't remember exactly, I would constantly wake up with the feeling that I was being prodded in the ribs in order to tickle me. I don't mean just the odd prod now and again, I mean that there were repeated, fast jabs at my rib cage which obviously became painful after a few seconds although when I would "wake up" properly, I would always (guaranteed!) see a group of "elderly" faces that were just grey but grinning, all looking down on me. I never heard any of them say a thing but I do remember that they laughed. It wasn't an evil laugh, nor by any means was it an innocent laugh. It was an incredibly mischievous and disturbing laugh now that I come to think of it. If I could photograph my mind, I can assure you that these faces were not there to amuse me or keep me occupied. They meant genuine harm.

They would often disappear after a few seconds and I would then hear heavy, fast foot thumps running up the stairs outside of my room which for some strange and maybe stupid reason, I always considered them to be the running of the devil towards my bed. I have NO idea why I thought that way but I can honestly say that as a child I had no other explanation ? it was NOT my brother playing a joke either!!

My Brother has also had a very unnerving experience in that house which I will tell you about in a moment.

This is going to sound REALLY crazy perhaps but I do remember seeing myself in bed (around the same age) and then the next thing I knew I was actually standing at the bottom of the stairs behind the door to our lounge, listening to my parents talk. I was unable to open the door (I remember this as I had had a bad dream and needed to see me Mum) and struggled with it to the point where I shouted for my parents. I was absolutely mortified when I heard them shout back to me saying they were in bed upstairs. They really were up there as well and at the point, the voices in the lounge stopped but when I went into their room to sleep (yes, I know it's sad for a 6-7 year old to do) I STILL heard the same thumping footsteps up the stairs.

My brother's story was when he was 10 and I was 2. He was in the bath upstairs when the water just went ice cold and the door handle started having a fit. Having jumped out of the bath to find that the door would open without a problem, he tested the water, which was now warm again, and got back in.
Literally 2 minutes later, the same thing happened but this time he was unable to get out of the bath! He says he felt (my parents and my Brother told me about this by the way ? just in case you wondered how I knew this happened when I was 2!) hands pushing down on his shoulders and the door handle moved up and down in a calm fashion as though there was no rush to get in or out. This apparently lasted for about 10-15 seconds or so and my Brother was then able to get out of the bath, (which he did pretty damn quickly!!) ran downstairs only to find that my Mother was feeding me in the kitchen, Dad was out playing squash with his mate and no one else was in the house.

There were other things happening in a few of the surrounding houses and a neighbour of ours also experienced the feeling of being pressed down in his chair in the living room when the doorbell rang. He was unable to get up for a while even after it had stopped and actually had heard a female say "NO" in a loud voice. Even though (as cheesy as this sounds ? his Wife was at Bingo!).

I have had dreams about that old house ever since I moved out with my Family in 1987 and have always wanted to go back and see if I can get in touch with whatever was in there

Mark L., Bucks, UK
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