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Captured In Sleep

Sharon, California, USA
February 1999

I had witnessed a lot of scary things in my past, (seeing, feeling, and hearing ghost), but the only time I was deathly scared was the incident that I am about to tell you.

My older sister had a similar experience but it could be excused as what they call "Sleep Paralysis". Which is Believed to be a sleeping disorder. Basically it is when your mind awakes and you body doesn't awake the same time, So you feel like you're paralyzed.

Anyhow I really doubt that is what happened in my case.

It was about 2 months ago in Dec 1998. I came home from work one day and found myself laying down in my room dozing off to sleep. My little sister (20 yrs) was in the room right next door to me, yelling at her 2 year old daughter. While I was sleeping I could hear my sister yelling. I was comfortably sleeping when all of a sudden I heard a deep yell in my right ear. I wasn't scared at first because I thought it ws my sister being silly. My face started to feel very warm. I then realized that I could still hear my sister and her daughter in the other room. A quick snap of chills came over my body, and I tried to wake up but felt myself paralyzed. Not able to move my body I felt fear. I can remember feeling a dark presence kneeling at the side of my bed, looking down at me. My eyes were not open but I can sense the figure. This figure starting whispering something in my ear over and over again. I don't remember what it was saying because I was to busy trying to move my body. I tried everything to get out of this situation from moving to screaming and even yelling at my sister. But nothing worked. I remember the more I yelled or the more I moved the further away I felt like I was getting pulled.

The whispers were really loud, and I felt like I was in a different dimension. Inside a different world. The more I yelled the more I couldn't breath, I tried praying, that didn't do anything either. (My mother always told me that if anything like this happened, to pray). I felt like I was being held down. And I couldn't do anything. But when I yell my voice was coming from a far away place, in other words really low. Then in a quick snap everything was back to normal. As quick as a snap.

At this point I was freaked out and I walked to my sister in the next room. I guess I must of had this freaked out look on my face because she was asking if I was okay and what happened. So I explained to her and she couldn't figure it out! Some of you might say I was suffering from Sleep Paralysis. But I swear this was different! Who knows maybe I did suffer from Sleep Paralysis, and if I did I don't want to experience it again!

Sharon, California, USA
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