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Car Crash

Susan Chapion, Alberta Canada
January 1997

Iwas sixteen at the time it happened and I still remember every detail. I was at home waiting for my parents return because I needed the car. They were visiting my sister and her husband who live about twenty minutes from our house, it had been snowing since they left so I knew the roads would be really bad. I didn't feel like battling the weather and I had just got my licence so I didn't think my parents would want me driving if the roads were icy. I called my friend and told her I couldn't come and put on a movie (Father of the Bride #2). I was watching for abou ten minutes when suddenly the power failed, I didn't think much about it untill the T.V. came back on and nothing else worked. The news was on and the newscaster anounced a terrible four car pile-up on one of the roads that my parents would have to take home. I freaked because the time that the accident took place was 11:35pm but it was only 11:30pm, I quickly phoned my sisters house and asked if Mom and dad had left yet and she said they had just left ten minutes ago, so I phoned them on their cell phone, my Mom answered and I asked where they where, she told me they were about fifteen minutes from home. That was about where the accident had happened so I asked her if she had seen anything? She said no but they were pulling up to the intersection. Suddenly (I still don't know why) I said "get dad to stop right there!" she said "why?" all I could say was "please, now!" then I heard her say to my Dad "honey don't go through, just wait for a second please." I could hear them talking for a second, about how long they should wait, And my Dad said "Well I'm just going to go now." But before he could take his foot off the break, there was a loud screaching noise and I heard my Mom scream. After a long second my Mom said "three cars just smashed into each other, right in front of us!! Just then the power came back on.

Susan Chapion, Alberta Canada
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