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Caroline, Beth, and The Shadowman

Caroline, OH, USA
December 2009

Before I begin, I must tell you that this story is 100% true, and many of my friends have seen similar things in the same place.

My boyfriend, Nicklee, is a person of many talents. One of those is attracting spirits. He and I had just gotten together at the time, and he had never taken me "ghost hunting". I thought it would be fun, since I've never had a supernatural experience. Since we were low on gas and time (curfew, hah!), we decided that local graveyards were our best bet. So armed with a digital camera, we set out.

That night, we visited three graveyards. I will never forget the third cemetery. The first graveyard Nicklee and I went to was off a well-lit, main road, and nothing really happened. He wouldn't let me go deep into the cemetery because he thought it was disrespectful to the spirits, so not much would happen when you're in the light. Before we went to the second graveyard, we decided to go pick up my closest friend, Beth.

The next cemetery we went to was small and rather old. Next to it was a beautiful church. Once again, nothing happened, although we did get some cool orbs.

As we drove, looking for our next destination, Beth suggested that we check out this large graveyard that her eldest brother had been to. It sounded like a good idea at the time, until we arrived there. The place was much larger than I expected, and it was a lot of ground to cover. Since it was such a large place, the most we feared was getting caught, so we had to keep an eye out for people.

We parked in an apartment complex down the road and hopped the fence. We started walking to the back of the place, where Beth's brother had seen a glowing figure, when Nick thought he saw something and went to go take a picture of it, telling us to go on without him, that we'd be all right and he would catch up with us. So we decided to walk on without him. That was most likely the biggest mistake I've ever made.

The night was pretty light; the sky was clear, the moon was relatively bright, and I could see all of Beth's features from a few feet away. As we walked deeper and deeper into the place, I began to feel uneasy, like I was being watched. But I pretended like nothing was happening.

As we neared the statues (we were facing them, the statues were no more than 30 or 40 feet away from us), Beth put her arm in front of me so I couldn't move any further, but she said nothing. She was looking in horror at something next to me. I slowly turned my head to where she was looking, and there stood a man who couldn't have been less than six feet tall. Although it was so bright out, he had no features. He was facing the statues and he was only seven or eight feet away from us. Within seconds, he heard our heavy breathing and turned his whole body to us in one motion. He didn't speak, which made things scarier. Beth and I started to move back a few steps, and it started moving closer. It then started walking to us, so we turned around and started running. We looked back and found that it was chasing us, but somehow its legs were not moving.

We ran for a while before we realized that it wasn't behind us anymore. We hid in between four bushes for an hour before Nicklee found us. We took Beth home and I went to stay at his house. We slept with the lights on that night.

The shadow man has made me love ghost hunting, the rush of seeing something that I couldn't explain was remarkable. I haven't gone ghost hunting since then, but I've planned some pretty cool trips to haunted places, and I'll be taking those trips soon. Maybe one day, I'll meet the shadow man again.

Caroline, OH, USA
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