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Casa Loma (2)

Indiana, USA
February 2000

Iam Canadian by birth and I've spent a lot of time in Toronto, where Casa Loma is located.

After reading one person's story here about Casa Loma, I feel I must relate mine also, as it is quite the opposite, and perhaps I can clear up some misconceptions about the history of the house also.

I do not at all discount this person's experience, but just would like to express mine also.

The mansion was built in 1911 by sir Henry Mill Pellatt,a prominent financier and military man. Sir Henry enjoyed Casa Loma for less than ten years before financial misfortune forced him to sell his castle home. While he and Lady Pellatt resided there, it was scene of many, many grand soirees and the Pellatt's were very popular hosts. Their parties were the talk of the town.

I first toured Casa Loma in the fall of 1998. I have been "sensitive" and an "empath" all my life, and all that I have ever sensed from this house, is happiness. Except for the suite belonging to Lady Pellatt. Here I sensed a great sadness. Lady Pellatt was wheel-chair bound and she spent much time in this room. I could feel her spirit here very strongly and could hear the whisper of the wheels of her chair occasionally.

There is a small stairway leading to the servants room, and here is where I encountered a very strong spirit. She was a young girl with red hair and she had her back turned to me as she headed up to her room in quite a hurry. She was wearing a white blouse, long black skirt, with a white cap and apron. I sensed her name was Molly and she appeared about 18 years old. I mentally called to her and she turned and looked at me with her flushed face and said "I must hurry, I have so much work to finish".

When I sat at the large table in the billiards room, I could "see" Sir Pellatt and three other men playing a game on the table, smoking cigars and drinking brandy. I could actually smell the scents of both. It was quite a happy scene.

When I walked through the library to the Greenhouse, I glanced to my right into one of the small dining nooks and saw an older lady sitting at the table pouring tea, with Lady Pellatt. She was not solid and I could see through her to the gardens outside. They were chatting happily and appeared very relaxed and poised.

In the greenhouse there is a beautiful stained glass ceiling. When I looked up to the ceiling I felt as if I were enveloped in a warm cloud of love, very bright with sparkling points floating about. I had a very strong feeling of Lady Pellatt, telling me this was her favorite room in the house, and how much she adored sitting here.

There is an 800 foot tunnel leading from the main house, under a busy street to the Stables and carriage house across the way. As I walked along this tunnel, I felt no foreboding presence. But at one point, in a boiler room on my left about half-way through the tunnel, I did see a man shovelling coal into it. He did not appear to notice me and was very intent on what he was doing. When I entered the stables I could literally smell the manure and urine smells of the horses and hear them neighing still, though it was been a very long time since any horses were stabled there. Outside in the back, I found a small path that is hard to see, off to the right of the ornamental gardens. It leads a bit steeply down to the street. All along the way there are beautiful flowers and again, I felt the spirits of Lord and Lady Pellatt. As I turned one corner of the path, I actually saw a wispy vision of him pushing his wife in her chair. Both were smiling, you could tell there was much love between them.As I approached, they both turned to me and invited me to walk with them. As I did, their vision disappeared, but I felt as if they were right beside me as I walked.

As I left the house, something made me turn back and look to the "tower". I saw a man standing there, but I could see through him and he was waving to me. It was Lord Pellatt. It seemed as if he were still there looking after his wife and his mansion, both which he loved so much.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy story. It has nothing frightening I'm afraid, but it is true, and I plan to go back there again as soon as possible.

There's a lot of love in that house.

Indiana, USA
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