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Cat's Gone

Homaira, Ottawa, Canada
January 2006

When I was around twelve years old I owned a beautiful cat named Cat. He had big bright eyes and a orange body. He had some problem so he stayed the size of a kitten all his life. He always smelled like baby oil for some reason but no one could ever find out why.

When I turned sixteen, in 2002, Cat died. He died because of his problem.
I returned home from school (I'm the first one to come home in the afternoon) around 3:30pm. When I came home, I couldn't find Cat anywhere. I called him but he didn't answer. I thought maybe he was asleep and so I dropped it.

When my mom came home, she was surprised not to get a welcome home from Cat. Cat loves my mom and always likes to be there to greet her when she comes home. I told her I couldn't find him anywhere so she got scared. We both searched the house but couldn't find him. Then we realized something: we didn't search my dad's study. We both went in and we both were shocked to see Cat lying there with his eyes open. He was stiff. Tears immediately ran down my face. My mom was crying too.

We decided to bury him in our back yard. When we were done we went in the house and tried acting like things were normal. I decided to look at Cat's pictures and mom did her plain stuff.

When dad came home he told us that he saw Cat in the garage and wanted him out (dad didn't like touching cats so he always asked one of us to move him.)
I was astonished. "Dad, Cat's gone." I told him. The moment I said that we all heard a hissing noise, then I felt a horrible pain, like Cat biting me. I asked mom what happened but she said nothing.

After that whenever we ever said "Cat's gone" or "He died" we all heard a hissing noise then the person who said that would feel a horrible pain like a cat biting them. We guessed that Cat never wants us to feel like he's not alive. I think he wants us to feel like he's still there.

To this day if we say "Cat's gone" we still here a hissing noise then the pain.

I don't think this is such a interesting story to you guys but it's true and I just want to say that please love animals. They love us and depend on us. Also Cat I still love you and I'll love you forever! Good boy, cat, good!

Homaira, Ottawa, Canada
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