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Natasha, Guateng, South Africa
May 2001

My mothers side of the family are firm believers in the supernatural. My mother used to often tell me stories about growing up in a haunted house (I was always just glad I didn't have to!). However no matter the source of the stories I never actually believed them. Having a scientific background I guess I have always been naturally sceptical of anything that wasn't presented along with a whole lot of proof.

Unfortunately I discovered that not everything can always be readily explained away. This incident happened about 6 years ago, I was 18 at the time and busy with my first year chemistry studies.

It was mid year break and my young aunt had found me some temporary employment near where she worked. As I didn't have a car yet I stayed with her, my Grandmother, Grandfather and uncle. Because of the limited space I slept with my Aunt in her room. Sleeping there could be very unpleasant because she had 3 cats who continually disturbed you during the night, after a week I was getting sort of used to it though.

One morning I heard my aunt get up to go to the bathroom, I also heard her say it was almost time to get up, but I must have drifted off again. I was on my back when one of the cats landed on my stomach, knocking all the breath out of my lungs, it dug its mails into me and hissed. It jumped onto the ground and must have gone under the bed. I sat up startled but still not totally awake and leaned over to check what was wrong with the cat. I couldn't see it.

At this point Roulaine opened the door preparing, I think to shout at me to get up, instead she found me on my hands and knee's peering under the bed. She asked me what I was looking for and I explained what had happened. I told her I thought there was something wrong with one of her cats. She then pointed out that all 3 cats were sitting outside on the window sill, she had closed the windows when she got up so that I could sleep a little longer.

I was very upset, and left for home that afternoon, I don't think I ever slept over at my grans house again.

Natasha, Guateng, South Africa
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