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Cats Can Be Playful, Even Dead!

Daniel Westbrook, NY, USA
March 2004

My mother always told me ghosts are real. When I was about 11 I didn't really believe all that nonsense thinking she was just trying to scare me (U know how some parents get) but that was before I saw my first ghost of a cat. It was a very big changing point of my life since now I truly believe these things exist.

I lived in a 3 Family house in Binghamton, NY that is no longer standing. My mother, brother, and I all lived in the first floor apt in the front with a family in the side apt and a family on the second floor. I was told by the kids in the side apt that the had buried a cat in the backyard. Ok simple enough, but it died because these kids were very cruel to it and did very mean things to it.

I personally don't like hearing things like this and went and talked to my mom about it. She said "There lucky it hasn't come back to get revenge." I laughed at this thinking she was only trying to scare me but then I started hearing the noises.

At first I thought the noises were our cat Honey who was a 2 year old tabby cat colored brown, I was mistaken. Most of the time she would be curled up next to my mother in her bed when I would hear scratches and meows through the apt. At first it didnt bother me, but after hearing these noises for 2 weeks and they got louder every night I started getting scared.

I spoke with the parents of the family in the side apt and the told me that they had lived in OUR apt when the cat died. This didn't make me feel any better, much worse actually. Finally one night I would get my chance to see a real ghost.

It was a Friday night and I had pulled my mattress and blankets into the living room to watch movies. It was about 2am when I fianlly fell asleep but I awoke soon after to the same sounds that had been waking me up every night for 2 weeks. I was sleeping on my stomach and lifted my head up and there was a cat looking at me about 2 feet away from my face.

The first thing that crossed my mind was "That doesn't look like Honey" so I reached my hand out to pet the cat thinking it had gotten in a open window or something. To my surprise my hand went through the cat. The cat hissed and lashed out with a paw towards my hand. I screamed loud enough to wake up the entire house.

My mother came out and I told her what happened. She gave me a drink and put me back to sleep. Sounds pretty typical like a nightmare right? Well when I awoke that morning there was a scar on my right hand which is still on my hand to this very day. After that I found where they had buried this cat and I made it a cross with its name on it and said some nice words to give it a decent burial. After that, I never saw it again nor did I hear noises again.

Now I truly believe there are some things that can never be explained!

Daniel Westbrook, NY, USA
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