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Gina, United Kingdom
October 1998

Ihave always been interested in the occult, even though my family tried to talk me out of it. My first memory of seeing my first ghost was when I was about 5 years old, when very casually I saw one walk by my bedroom window. It scared me so bad that when I was finally able to move I promptly fell out of my bed (the top bunk). I have always felt them around and seen them out of the corner of my eyes but never though too much about it. I accepted their existence, and I liked reading about them but I never wanted them to directly contact me.

As I got older I my mother admitted that she believed in them and my awareness of them. This story is about when I temporarily moved back in with my mom while going through the first stages of divorce from my husband. I had been at my mom's house for a month or so and one night while heading out the front door to go outside to smoke a cigarette I felt something brush by my ankle. This was pretty late at night and it was very dark. I didn't see anything or hear anything so didn't think much about it until I came back in and was surprised to find a pure black cat calmly sitting on my mothers couch making himself completely at home. We decided to adopt him and named him Cattail.

He definitely had a purpose for being there so we let him kind of dictate to us. In the way that he didn't like our bedroom doors to be completely closed and he always rotated who he would sleep with, the first night my brother, the next me, the third with my mom. After a couple weeks I noticed something else was also there. I was laying in bed late one night going through things in my head and I heard some one walking down the hall. You know when everything is so quiet you can hear footsteps on carpet. Well this is what I heard. I listened thinking my brother was going to the bathroom and I thought to say "Hi" hoping he would talk to me. But the footsteps came into my room. I was looking at the hall but I saw nothing. Then I felt someone sit at the foot of my bed. The blanket pulling a little by their weight. I was frozen stiff. I couldn't talk and I had to fight to breathe. It didn't seem menacing or anything but the fact that it was there terrified me. He (I felt it was a he) just sat there staring into my closet kind of. Eventually I fell asleep, though I can't honestly remember him leaving I just fell asleep. The next day I talked with my brother about it, then I forgot about it for a couple days until it happened again. I wasn't as scared but I still couldn't ask it what it wanted, so I fell asleep. The next day I talked with my mom and she said that she had felt something sit down on her waterbed a couple nights past, and it woke her up, she looked to make sure it wasn't the cat (it wasn't) then she just went back to sleep.

It took only another 3 days to figure out the pattern. The cat continued his sleeping arrangements and the other presence would come the next night. Then you had one night alone (I think). We kept closer tabs on it, it never seemed bad or anything just there. I eventually asked it why it was there but didn't get any response.

After a couple months I moved out of state and once I arrived at my new home I called to check in with my family and they informed me that the night I left so did Cattail and whom ever else had been staying there. The only thing I can come up with is we needed someone looking after for a little while, and the cat and his friend must have done a good job because nothing bad happened. I have had lots of "direct" experiences since then, thankfully they have all been friendly. And I may write about another one soon.

Gina, United Kingdom
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