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Catwoman Offers A Warning

Kentucky, USA
March 2000

This happened when I was 12 yrs old.

My Aunt and Cousins wanted to go to the local drive-in. Against their mothers wishes they went anyway. While coming back home they saw a object in the middle of the road. As they got closer they saw that it was something non-human. Standing before them was a very large woman with a black dress, and fur all over her body. She had the facial features of a cat. As they went by the thing jumped in the back of their truck, jumping up and down trying to get it's hands through any window it could. The catwoman stayed in back of the truck until they turned up their road, going home, as they got closer home it finally jumped out. When they got home they stayed in the truck tooting their horn until somebody came out to get them.

About two nights later they decided they were going to go back to the drive-in. They made it there fine, but on the way back, in the same place the catwoman jumped in their truck again causing them to hit a man head-on. He was decapitated in the accident which almost killed one of my Aunts, the other one stayed in a wheelchair for months with broken legs. My younger cousin was ejected from the vehicle and received a broken arm, the other occupants had cuts and bruises.

I guess the moral of this story is if something like this happens to you, the best thing to do is take it as a warning , don't go back a second time.

Kentucky, USA
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