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Cemetery Adventure

Anonymous, South Australia
August 2015

This happened very recently. My friend and I went to dinner at the local hotel and because it’s known to be haunted so I took my MEL meter and my EMF meter. It was very busy and noisy being so close to Christmas and the ghost, known as Harry wasn’t too active, apparently he likes it quiet.

We finished about 8.30pm and as it was still light I had the bright idea of calling into the local cemetery to test out my meters, as we had to pass it on the way home anyway. To say my friend was reluctant is an understatement, she spooks very easily, but I finally convinced her and a few minutes later we found ourselves in the cemetery.

All was quiet at first, the meters picked up readings as we moved around, and gradually my friend relaxed a little and got into reading the headstones as you do, they are fascinating places. We moved down the main path toward the very old section when my friend felt something brush her shoulder, just as she asked me if I’d felt anything, something went straight through me. It felt like a wave of ice cold water, a bolt of intense energy. I was frozen to the spot, unable to move for a moment. My friend panicked, not sure what was happening and as I tried to shake it off I suggested we keep walking through the old graves. However it became clear to me that something was following us and the further we went the more uncomfortable I felt.

I did not tell my already jittery friend but insisted we return to the car, but that wasn’t the end of it. The temperature in the car dropped, the meters went crazy, and the heater refused to work, I realised something was in the car with us and told my friend that I had to tell them to leave. This I did very firmly, my friend thought I should have been more polite, and things quickly returned to normal, the meters calmed, the temp quickly rose and the heater came on.

My friend suggested that I refrain from asking her EVER to do this again, but I found the whole experience very interesting. The presence I felt did not feel malevolent, perhaps just curious as to why we were wandering around a cemetery at that hour of night. I never felt threatened even though the energy that went through me was very strong and intense.

Quite an interesting evening to say the least.

Anonymous, South Australia
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