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Charlie Cat's Ghost

Midlands, UK
August 2000

This isn't really my story, what I am about to tell you happened to my son Dan, but I totally believe him.

For many years we had two cats, Wispa & her son Charlie. Wispa became very poorly & eventually we had to put her to sleep, poor Charlie was devastated & moped around really mourning her passing. About four months after Wispa's death I got up one morning & found Charlie dead behind the couch, I woke my husband, Steve, & we quickly buried him in the garden before Dan woke up.

Since his mum died Dan & Charlie had become very close & Charlie would sit with Dan for hours while Dan stroked him.

Obviously when he woke, Dan was very upset that he hadn't had chance to say good-bye, but Steve & I still felt we had done the right thing in burying Charlie quickly.

The next day, Dan returned home from school & sat down to watch television about 7pm he came into the kitchen looking a little disturbed & said " Mum,something really weird just happened."

Dan said that as he sat watching TV he felt something touch his leg, he looked down & saw, as he described, the image of Charlie Cat & Mum he said "I could see the carpet through him." Charley brushed past him & as Dan described, faded away, first his head, then his body, then he was gone.

I believe Dan 100%, I like to think that Charlie just came to say that final good-bye to a boy who loved him so dearly.

Midlands, UK
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