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Charlie Says Goodbye

January 2003

Two years ago we adopted a rescued Bijon who had been taken away from a bad puppy mill. When we got him he was about 10 years old and very weak and thin and withdrawn. I fell in love with him as soon as I was holding him.

Over the first year he learned how to be a dog; bark, run, jump, wag his tail, smile, and even wiggle his behind to get you to play. The second year he started to slow down he had bone cancer. We started him on meds and he began to follow me around. Somehow when he got sick he knew I was his mom. His hero the first year had been our collie who he had followed everywhere. Now it was me.

Anyhow, we had more and more complications until one day we knew we had reached the end of the road. So sadly we took my beloved Charlie boy and had him put to sleep which was so gentle and peaceful.

Afterwards my husband and I decided to go to my folks place for coffee since we didn't know what else to do. once there I disappeared into the washroom for a minute or two. Suddenly I felt Charlie's presence so strong I almost shook my head. then I had such a strong image in my mind, of Charlie looking up at me with his "Mom!! I'm happy to see you." look he only gave me.

It was so clear and strong, I felt like he was with me and he wasn't gone, yet I knew he was gone. I have lost other pets over the years, and my first longtime cat Puss did come back and haunt me. But even she didn't leave me with such a loving image as I had from Charlie.

Its been almost three weeks, and I'm still pondering. Scientifically it can be explained, but emotionally and spiritually and even my own mind is at odds over it all. Charlie was very special to me. Maybe it was his goodbye with love. If it really happened - that he did come to me for a final goodbye, life after death is real.

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