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Checking Us Out

October 2002

When I was 12 years old, my family (consisting of me and my mother and step-father) moved into a tiny A-frame cabin. The cabin was located on mile 2.5 on a 6 mile dirt road to the community we lived in. This was in Alaska, and the village is located between Tok and Glenallen in case you want to look it up on the map.

So the cabin we moved into was tiny, with just one room below that consisted of the kitchen, living room and my parents bedroom (not really a bedroom at all but a bed located in the living room). The upstairs was a loft, a tiny space that you could hardly stand up in, and my parents decided to give it to me since I had been approaching that time in my life where privacy was much appreciated.

I had acquired an antique chest from an old friend of the family, and when we moved I had filled it full of my stuff. It took my father and another large strong man to push and pull this trunk upstairs to my room it was so heavy!

So here starts my ghost story finally. Now this is all coming from my dad since I was fast asleep when this all happened, and thank goodness too or else I would have freaked out completely.

My father says that we had a visitor the very first night we stayed in the cabin. Now keep in mind that we were the only 'white' family in a native village, and that a few miles down the road there was supposedly a very ancient native graveyard. My father says that our visitor rustled through some of our papers, looked into boxes and bags, and even moved my trunk which was upstairs right next to me! My dad says he heard it scrape across the floor and couldn't believe it since it was so heavy.

Anyway, my dad says that the ghost was probably just checking us out since we were new folks moving in on his territory. This ghost didn't come around that much while we were in the A-frame, but about a year later we moved about a mile down the road to a bigger cabin, and it was there that my dad actually saw 'Charlie', as my dad had named him. All I can say is that thank goodness I'm a heavy sleeper and never encountered Charlie myself!!!

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